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  1. Looking at Kona stats, top pro's seem to have FTP's around the 5.1-5.4 w/kg mark. Clayton Fettel is quoted in an article on TrainingPeaks as 5.3 w/kg. Meichi weiss has an FTP of 410 watts, but he is 80kgs (off memory, he's really quite heavy).
  2. Speaking from personal experience at Noosa last year (8 weeks of zero running in the 10 weeks leading up to it). You'd be surprised how much fitness you can retain IF your swim/bike training is good (that swim training is low, 5-8ks, is that 2 sessions a week?). Agree re run/walk, first priority is to not-reinjure yourself. Also MASSIVE agree with lose weight. During injury I did some running on an alter-g, that thing makes your appreciate the importance of being lean.
  3. Yeah I completely agree, I find the people at the higher levels are actually the nicest and most relaxed. Zero hard-feelings! I completely apologise for being a dick on social media!! I was venting my own frustrations. (this is what happens when you post here for the first time in nearly a year). p.s. If I'm guessing correctly awesome run at Devonport, passed me like I was running in the opposite direction.
  4. Hey mate, I fully agree I was a smartarse before that was poor form my me. But I'd like to add my side. -The AG drink station was not functioning...I ran past it and they DIDN'T hand out drinks! When it's 35 degrees your 3-4ks into a run and they are handing out a mountain of drinks and knowing full well that there's probably only 10-15 ITU guys coming though on their last lap I think I can be excused a little here. -I highly doubt how I can block a 10meter (with about 15 people holding bottles) drink station, there WAS NO intent in blocking the drink station and from what I saw h
  5. Well it was a 90s PB from 2 years ago. 2:01.08 Had no idea where I was going on the last part of the swim, more bouys would have been nice. The Open race was a usual draft-fest, bound to happen in strong fields (with decent swimmers). The main-pack had a moto with them the whole way and not one drafting penalty handed out. Was frustrating to turn around at 15ks to see a pack of 15 cyclists behind me. Didn't wear a Garmin for the run...how long was it? Was 'surprised' that the first two in male open were pro's. One got DQ'ed from the Oceania Cup for missing briefing and Casey Munro
  6. Will that make it wetsuit 'optional' hope not! Prefer non-wetty swims
  7. x100 on what Lachie says! FWIW He wasn't the owner of all those bikes (only the Wilier), the Shiv was his house mate's (not a pro/sponsored). The bike deal was through a bike-shop not the company. I think you'd be surprised how crappy sponsorship is for ITU athletes (outside the top few) compared to Long Course guys.
  8. Assos iJ Habu Jacket Size Medium retails for over $300, back zipper (pictured) has dissaperered and there is two bits of stitching (pictured from a crash), otherwise in great condition. Selling it as I simply don't wear it enough to justify price. It is a fantastic jacket/heavy jersey with wind stopper fabric on the front and a more breatherable fabric on back. Comes with Assos' legendary quality/fit/attention to detail. Payment by PayPal only....will only ship once full payment made $150 + $5 postage, $10 for express please email me cannastar@gmail.com if you have any further
  9. cannastar

    Speed Wobbles

    Hit 86km/h on that descent, helped having no-one around. It must've been seriously treacherous last year in the rain and for the majority of AG'ers with a very congested course! Get low, keep you weight back, keep your arms loose especially your grip on the bars, keep your breathing relaxed and keep your body still. If you can ride confidently in hard crosswinds you can ride the downhill well.
  10. I was one of the top 3 in Open men, near the end it did feel a little like a draft legal race. Hit 86km/h on the descent not bad for someone who weighs 67kgs. Shat myself. From what I saw it was very much a semi draft legal race for the men, it really should be 12m for pros and open, would suit me as my strength is the bike (and I've been unable to run properly for 2 months with injury), for most of the age groupers it would be impossible to enforce with such huge numbers out there. The downhill and the roundabouts must've been very treacherous today. Agree though that itu guys are the 'co
  11. What size are you in Saucony/Specialized and or Nike Shoes??
  12. http://triathlon.competitor.com/2013/05/nutrition/how-the-pros-stay-lean_76179
  13. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make long-term adjustments not relying on quick fixes. Run a slight calorie deficit (200-400)....eat less crap.....slightly less carbs in favour of protein and healthy fats. With your training load you really don't need eat much above normal metabolic rate, just some extra carbs pre/post workout. My rule of thumb is if you don't wake up in the morning hungry than you've overeaten day before. It gets me down to race weight
  14. It's non impact so like swimming its intervals and more intervals. I kept sessions to 30/45mins and tried to have at least 15-20mins of efforts above 160bpm. Yes over 3-4 weeks you'll lose fitness but less if you water run. Be creative with the intervals, like swimming you don't need long recos. There is a very good article on FOTB about water running. Get in as many days as possible, even doubles.
  15. Narrowly avoided one, got a low grade stress reaction. Hindsight is a great thing, looking back I realised how stupid I was, ignoring signs, runni through pain, my mileage/intensity went up and pop. First ever running injury in four years and only second ever injury requiring time off since took up sport. Easing back into it with run walks and alter g running and a heap of high intensity water running. Lesson learnt- listen to body! A few days off running is bette than a few weeks!
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