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  1. Triatx

    Couch to Kona

    To date ive never commented on peoples abilities or training but this is an interesting subject so id like too. First off,most coaches will tell you that with hard work and dedication you can get to Kona...….if they didn't you wouldn't sign up and pay them money so you need to take what some of them say with a grain of salt. Secondly, you simply cant polish a turd.....you can make it smoother but if you don't have some genetic ability it wont happen.You will get better but it may not be enough to be fast enough to KQ. If hard work and dedication were the only requirement we coul
  2. How So ? Act of God......Natural Disaster
  3. Late today i got an email from Ironman offering me a spot for WC70.3 Utah in september. I missed qualifying by 1 spot in Dec 2019 at busso 70.3 i finished second 45 seconds behind the winner and there was only one spot. But that was qualifying for the worlds in NZ in 2020 which went to 2022 and Utah stayed in 2021. Im guessing from the email that most or all aussies have withdrawn from Utah on the basis we arnt going anywhere overseas for a while yet. The cash flow for IM must be woeful at the moment.
  4. As a very long time competitor and a Race Director I can assure you in the last 5 to 8 years the pros have become less relevant. Taking aside the ITU events and the Olympics which are there own animal,Long course athletes have little or no attraction to the Average age grouper. When we started 70.3 in Busso the pros were good for getting some local media and not much else. With the change in long course becoming a much more bucket list thing for joe blow to do once and move on,the relevance of pros has disappeared. I would suggest 75 per cent of the field have never heard o
  5. Tier 1 for IMWA and 70.3 only had 50 spots in each. Its a crock to cause panic buying and get $$$ in the door.
  6. Theres not enough money changing hands for the Government to Risk On the other hand theres plenty of $$$$ in the Grand Final Its about Risk versus reward... nothing to do with health. A sad fact of Life No different to Megan Gale flying in and out of WA 2 weeks ago for a funeral without any restrictions. Its about who or what you are.
  7. I agree with Kat SC can go ahead because it has 800 Queenslanders IMWA attracts 4 0r 500 West Aussies.....That doesn't stack up financially.
  8. Years ago we had an F1 in perth at the Midland Veledrome with an indoor pool. I think it was Guy Leeches first crack at Triathlon until he realised he couldn't ride a bike. I don't think I have ever seen anyone look more awkward on a bike than him
  9. Probably none that would get involved with IM. Actually there is one but IM probably wouldnt get involved with him!!!!!!! Theres a lot of History in WA right from Day 1 in 2004.
  10. Kat One thing I can assure you off,The Event team who subcontract to TWA for our event wont be getting involved with IM to run there events......Way too much bad blood there.
  11. Yes no problem at all. Raced 2 weeks ago at Bunbury Duathlon with the second one this weekend. We have a bigger event here next weekend
  12. The Decision on December will be based on weather the WA Borders are open....and if international or interstate flights are allowed in here without 14 day isolation. IM will not run the event for the 4 or 500 locals that enter it simply doesn't stack up financially. So if a decision had to be made today....There will be no December event. October 70.3 mainly local field run by TWA with less cost pressures will happen,barring a sudden change in the rules over here set by the wa government.
  13. Peter is that Loss of Income thing correct.....max 400 a week. Who earns 400 a week and feeds a family FFS.
  14. Triatx

    IMWA 2020

    He has bugger all votes to lose !!!!!! What will be interesting if that he wins and I think he will [ based on the constitution stating that all states must provide free and open access across the borders at all times] and the worst happens and we get a bunch of Corona cases here the government will blame Clive for forcing the border to be open and the locals will be mighty pissed. He has a house here in Applecross.....it will be vandalised and burned to the ground with him in it.
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