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  1. Not me ( as in weak 😁) My arm rest snapped off 20km into my TT today - but I kept going to finish it ( after I picked it off the road and had to refocus )
  2. I had hamstring stain --on and off - for a long time. For some reason since I've been doing loads of side stretches ( have a broom stick on shoulders and leaning to the side ) and then twisting into hamstring stretch. repeating this. Then sitting against a wall - legs split and doing same. Also stretching and strengthening trapezius muscle
  3. That’s where I’m sitting as well for OD with still 2 races to go. Im ok for the SD
  4. That would have been a race to do -- only 14 in my AG that were TA members
  5. I emailed them -TA - and you can do both - Sprint on the Thursday and OD on the Sunday
  6. Just sent my hubby an email asking him what he thinks about a trip o's
  7. My Garmin died - so I have to go old school until the replacement arrives
  8. TA have updated the overall Sprint Selection -
  9. Lucky they would have photographers at the finish line
  10. Ironman got back to me -- timing mats are under the arch -- so they have sent my email to timing
  11. Agree - a pack of 6 or 7 passed me -- and 2 mins later at TO came past and stayed with the group for ages -- the group didn't even try to pretend they weren't drafting - and I thought surely the whole pack should be stopped -- but no -- the TO bike drove on...not one got a penalty --- Didn't even see anyone in any of the penalty boxes
  12. Just before finish line I saw someone in my AG so I sprinted and passed them just before the line. — ( where the finish arch was ) but results have me 4 seconds behind . Guess I will have to email Mooloolaba tri and ask them - and wait for photos to come out to show them proof
  13. Youngy2

    Mool meetup

    No thanks - thought there might have been a free bottle or something exciting like that
  14. Youngy2

    Mool meetup

    Think they must have run out of visors - bags as I never received one and no one else was coming out with one at check in
  15. Thanks - rang Garmin Australia this morning - they will replace it with a refurbished -- will take 5-10 business days for turn around. Seems like this is a common problem with the 735 - water getting into unit from swimming in a pool !!!! Can't upgrade replacement -- so looks like it's another 735
  16. My Garmin 735 I bought from Pushy's just died today; one month over the 12 month Garmin warranty of course. It was in perfect condition, never dropped, scratched etc. It looks like it has filled with water during a short pool swim. I watched a story about the ACCC Consumer Guarantee laws on "The Checkout" a few months ago, and from what I recall, the law would pretty much guarantee that i can get a refund, repair or replacement as it would be totally reasonable for this watch to be functional far in excess of 13 months. Has anyone had any experience with pulling the ACCC ca
  17. Youngy and Youngy2 2nd IM at Port for both of us Entered Busso today as well -
  18. Triathlon Australia have updated the Sprint Points for Luke Harrop with the final points released 12 March. Im glad I made Luke Harrop my 3rd race with double points — I’ve just noticed some in my AG have done 5 qualifying races.
  19. With the cyclone they are predicting to hit between Townsville and Gladstone and then swing down towards Bundaberg -- it might be a canal swim for Mooloolaba ? or even dualthon? . It is what it is -- I guess
  20. I raced there - think 2013. Swim was like swimming in grass in the middle section Had a bad fall in the rock garden (that they changed the next time for the Sprint Distance ) --- stopped on the bike leg to let a black snake cross the path.
  21. Can’t believe they were still taking entries on race morning Cash cow
  22. THInk it was the Gold Coast city council that made the call - I heard they said on Friday - that no one was allowed swim - after testing the water. Think they have strict risk assessments. we missed our wave start as it seems everyone left early - so we went just before the teams left - so the bike course wasn’t congested on 2nd lap
  23. I heard some guy talking about the swim being cancelled - and a duathlon instead - due to the rain - stormwater with visibility or something— don’t know how much authority he has but
  24. I've given in and just joined up
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