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  1. I second that since I was one of many who was on the waiting list and was in full training for this. I thought it was very disappointing as I was prepared to go down to Mooloolaba with all my tri gear on the Saturday just in case people did withdrawl on the day......but USM said no go to that as well
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    Someone will be grateful to you
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    I knew quite a few people that got off the Noosa Waiting list, I heard everyone got into Noosa from the waiting list. Usm told me last week that there was no way I would be competing as I was way down on the waiting list. I was going to go to Mooloolaba with all my tri gear just in case but they said it's a no go.
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    Just interested to know if anyone actually made it off the waiting list. Obviously I didn't but according to USM they over subscribed with entries in the 1st place. Interested to know????
  5. Already had a friend offer their spot for me but USM said no....not transferable
  6. I won't be in as I'll still be on the waiting list. USM just told me my name is so far down the waiting list I won't be doing it. Depressing as I've been training for it and was going to use it as a qualifier for the Worlds, was doing Sydney Challenge but that got canned Noticed Newcastle Qualifier is sold out for this weekend. Feel in limbo....now what????
  7. I have some canned peaches and a cup of tea. Went to sports dietican once who worked with a lot of swimmers and she recommended have peaches. I've never had any issues with them. I do 3 swim sessions a week in the car by 4.55am
  8. Just emailed TACT and told them what a great race. Really like the spread out waves and the draft busters on the bike course, was a bit lonely out there on the bike...all alone, as in not many athletes in front of me to chase down. Haven't made the 25min swim but I'M WORKING ON IT
  9. Is the run course similar to the section of the HIM course where you ran up down some hills in that section??
  10. Went for a ride yesterday with my race wheels had to go cross country for a short time (as the bike path ran out) and got a bindi in my tyre, got it fixed at $180 (single tyre). Went for a run yesterday along the lake saw dead fish floating in water. Water temperature on lake reported at 23.6 degrees on website as yesterday Needless to say last night I had bad dream about the bike course (got puncture and went totally wrong way)
  11. I'll be there. We are leaving for Canberra tomorrow morning, I keep checking the weather for temperatures and the predictions keep changing, first Sunday was 34,then 29 now its 31 degrees. Still hot by the time we run...daylight savings but .....At least we are starting earlier. I don't mind if its a duathlon, OK if its a swim as well
  12. Only started getting it on long runs (20km) on a Sunday morning. I've worked out I just have Endura Opt and water and that's all beforehand at least 30mins prior to running, still have gels etc on the way. Works best for me anyhow...no more "runners trot"
  13. Might not even be a swim, with the blue-green algae. Notice with the water quality report from 14 Jan a lot of areas are closed for swimming or have warnings alert signs. Water temperature is up to 25.2 degrees anyway.
  14. I live in Maryborough. Don't know of any jobs going but maybe my husband might (he works for CQMS- Mining Company) but he is away fishing at the moment. I'm going for a ride Saturday but I've got to do 30km hard + 8km run hard (getting ready for Canberra OD next weekend), maybe could put you in touch with some of the other guys but
  15. Perhaps it is because Australian drivers don't have any respect for cyclists like the overseas countries do in regard to car/bike related crashers so we are safer with a helmet on at least. Besides the helmet I got now matches my kit
  16. ON holidays so at the moment 3 times a week, when back at school try to squeeze in 2 sessions...about 45mins includes yoga, core, balance and stretching
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