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  1. I had a Varia - up until yesterday morning - where it came off my mount for some unknown reason, while we were out riding. It was fantastic -- it was good for cyclists following behind me as it would also notify them if a car was approaching - as the red light would flash faster. Rode this morning with a old traditional rear light and had to keep looking behind me to see if any cars approaching
  2. +1 for HOTW Also Auckland OD Tri in 2012....somehow totally got lost -- could not see any buoys anywhere -- 1st and last time I've ever done backstroke in a race.....water safety pointing me in the right direction --- even though I still couldn't see any buoys or other swimmers
  3. Tri Travel - transferred from this year. Check out AirBNB - I had a couple booked and cancelled them --none that close to start or finish but
  4. Windy and Hot weather predicted for Sunday
  5. Hervey Bay Hundy - this Sunday Bribie Island Tri - Sprint 28th Nov Hell of the West - early Feb 2021 Cycling around Tasmania in March Port IM - May Carins IM - June
  6. Just got a gift card for the race I entered - $20 ( all others have been transferred ) - all i bought was some socks and a beanie for my hubby - at least we could combine the gift cards -- just had to pay $10 for shipping on 2 items we don't really need
  7. We are in -- did the club race on Sunday as well - was supposed to be a training thing but that went out the window when they said GO
  8. It was Tier 2 last night - so must be selling well
  9. Youngy2

    IMWA 2020

    My hubby got his registration link as well yesterday for the 70.3, I havent' got mine for the IM - but thinking now we will try transfer to Cairns -- least that should be good as we live in QLD -- and since the border isn't opening until at least April 2021-- the WA premier might just keep it closed until a vaccine is rolled out ( maybe 2022? ) 🤬
  10. It just was interesting to see that some women missed out on a spot when they performed better then some of the males that did qualify ..Solely because the numbers weren't there for the females so they got less spots assigned. 10 spots were assigned to females and 65 to males The data in the graph was adjusted down so every one was for an example, s a 25 year old male
  11. We had a bit of time on our hands and so did this chart below Given that Ironman are encouraging females - and that Cairns had a small cohert of women Assumptions: All Kona slots taken, with no roll down Times – Gender adjusted – 11% allowance for females; and Age adjusted (closely based on 70.3 published data as below) Graph of Adjusted Race Times versus Age group Blue dots – Male Qualifiers Red dots – Female Qualifiers Black Squares – Females missing allocation due to very restricted slots
  12. That was a brutal tough race The water looked calm but on the 2nd lap the chop picked up It was so hot I stopped at each bouy and let water in the front of the wetsuit So so hot on the bike - I didn't push too hard just so I could finish it ( and new course is quite hilly - going over Rex lookout 6 times ) So many people didn't finish- pulled out during the bike or the run. Quite a few went to hospital from dehydration. I usually finish mid field but because not that many were I was at the tail end Happy to say that hubby and I both finished
  13. Youngy2

    IMWA 2020

    Cheers I had entered Port as well-- I had transferred to the weekend just gone but now 2021
  14. Youngy2

    IMWA 2020

    Now that this is cancelled -- what is everyone else doing that has registered? I was thinking of taking the credit -- but think it will then cost money to enter into another race - active fee?- can't seem to find any info about any hidden costs.
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