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  1. KTJ

    IM Cairns 2017

    I'm in for ironman #10!! I'm from Busso so pretty used to sharp teethed creatures that lurk in the deep (and that's just at the local pool ;p
  2. Definitely can recommend Chris Hanrahan from pb3 tri - worked with him for a 16 week program for Busso 70.3 in Dec. I had flatlined at 5 hrs 10 for 3 consecutive halves and Chris helped me so much in being very specific and consistent in every session. He set the program thru training peaks and I trusted and followed the plan. 14 min PB and an age group win.
  3. So I thought I would provide some feedback on my experience with PB3tri online coaching program with Chris Hanrahan for Busso 70.3. The program itself was loaded up to training peaks, a free app that even a technophobe like me could access and work out like a boss! It came in 4 week blocks which was easy to follow, no thinking required, flexible and very specific in terms of what each block of training was aimed at and then what each session was targeting. I could email Chris or the other guys on the program if required and I probably only did this 4-5 times - mainly to give Chris feedback o
  4. Think it's sorted Roxy - I think the Fox is staying with me!!
  5. KTJ


    I'm lucky that my work involves teaching Pilates rehabilitation reformer and mat work of which I would do 75% in demonstration (25% going around and correcting form) so that's 12-14 hrs core/ strength work done before I start training!! I can't seem to drop the habit of 3 swims/ 3 bike and 3 runs from doing ironman these last 7 years now I have a coach I think I'm doing quality and quantity is no longer so important?
  6. I too like Zed am on Chris Hanrahans program and I'm really enjoying the focus. I think I over trained before and therefore couldn't always perform each session as well as I would if I recovered better. In terms of flexibility I still have scope to swop sessions in that seven day period due to weather or work/ family commitments. I really like the specificity of each session and I find I'm more "present" in the session then just going through the motions. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together over the next 11 weeks. Watch this space!
  7. I can now see it. I expect we are initially on the same program until we get some of the tests completed in week 3. I will need to change the way I think as when I train I'm still in ironman mode! I think my stumbling block but potentially my best way of improving is increasing intensity, quality over quantity and to be present for each session. By that I mean at the moment just ticking over I wake up and go ok swim with no plan or head out on the bike with no real goal at the start so by having specific instructions for each session is really cool and hopefully keep me focused! What can I say
  8. KTJ

    IMWA 2016

    The beach accommodation is up to 7 km from transition linked by a beach bike path to town. Maybe try Jetty chalets - basic, clean and across road from transition. Busselton beach resort is 4 km marina end of town. If it was me and I was having to pay premium anyway then head for Aqua or Mandalay if you have kids. As for flys it's luck of the draw if they release the dung beetles at the right time. Maybe I'm used to it but I haven't noticed them the last few years!!
  9. I haven't seen it yet? Did Chris load it straight to TP for you?
  10. Hey Roxii- I may fit the bill?? I haven't done a 70.3 for 4 years because quite frankly they hurt and they seem to be a sprint from the get go! ( maybe I'm a little soft too) I have focused on ironman distance. I am female tick injury free tick I'm no spring chicken but im not over the hill either!! I live in Busso so the 70.3 would be easy to attend!! And I only promised I wouldn't do an ironman this year nothing was mentioned about 70.3!! Would I be a possibility???
  11. Bulldog just won his age group 9:28 45-49 6 or maybe 7th Kona dance yeehaaaaaaa
  12. I have been having troubles since yesterday. Firstly it wouldn't upload at all and then it uploaded date being 26/4/19!! So then stra a wouldn't recognise it? So I deleted and now my Garmin is saying my ride happened tonight at 6.30 pm when I rode yesterday at 6.30 am! Also I ride with a couple of others and we ride the same route but they are always climbing 100m more than me- why would this be??? I am very technically challengedð³
  13. KTJ

    Kona accom

    We have stayed at sea village - 2 Br self contained which is about 2km to the pier right on the ocean and the run course. Our Br had air con and if this year is anything like last year you'll need it!! We have also stayed in the apartments next door Kona Alii which were also nice but sometimes it depends if the unit has been updated. The best place we stayed was next to Lava Java which is just known as Alii Kona right in the midst of the excitement- we moved there for race week. We hired a car each time mainly so the family could get out and see some great snorkelling places and also it came i
  14. So I received an email from WTC today inviting me to register for World Ironman Championships in Hawaii? Problem being I haven't done any events since Hawaii last year and haven't qualified??? I had my ass kicked in kona last year and am still licking my wounds! I clicked the link and was surprised that I could register right through to accepting all the waivers and even up to purchasing a one day licence from USAT. This is when I got really suspicious as it needs my card details - my husband thinks it's a scam? Has WTC sent an old email from last year (I qualified at NZ last year which was on
  15. Went to Hawi Tuesday- got blown off the road into the bushes twice but stayed upright!! It was only the first 8 mile down and then again on the way back up last 8 mile to Hawi otherwise it was relatively ok. It was kinda weird!! I spoke to one of the German pros today - she waited in her car x 30 mins as it was crazy heavy downpour at Hawi. They gave up and drove 5 miles down - totally clear, dry roads!!
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