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  1. duffs


    Did you 'Trust the experts' ha ha
  2. Farkin losers who are too soft to do the hard yards. Pathetic
  3. duffs

    Plantar Fascia

    I found massaging to warm them up every morning before walking. ie swing legs out of bed and rub each arch etc. Also cushioned shoes. Started with Hokas then discovered Altras. Perfect for wide feet and large toes. I was icing them, then was advised not to ice as the heat is better to prevent the small tears. Haven't looked back since. Although the golden rules of 'gradual building' and consistency will allow anyone with any running style to become pretty good
  4. Four years for cocain? Seems harsh?
  5. 2hr easy run should be bread and butter stuff week in, week out throughout the year. Consistency is key. ðð
  6. Vinomofo is excellent for getting great value, quality wines. Had a lovely Mitolo bottle the other day.
  7. The original home of Half IM in WA. Although the brutal Margaret River year was my fav
  8. I'll add 3:03 12 run split
  9. I thought there are two different Mark Robsons in Perth? A pommy and an Aussie?Stikman?
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