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  1. Wardy

    RIP craig percival

    So shocking and sad. He inspired so many people. Hugs to everyone hit hard by this.
  2. Yes. Yes. and Yes. And how is it you know that A2K?
  3. My observations on the 1m rule (1.5m for >60kph): In Queensland it was introduced (as a 2-year trial) along with a good education campaign by the government. There were a few other changes to rules regarding cyclists at the same time, but the talk was definitely about the 1m rule. My feeling was that it really made a difference: people got a bit more thoughtful about how closely they passed cyclists, and a lot of them started giving more room. It didn't stop the occasional dick-head who just hates cyclists and couldn't give a f**k - they passed too close before and still do. In Sout
  4. Clearly old white guys are more qualified. Move along, nothing to see here. (sarcasm)
  5. Well done Downesy and Dawn!!
  6. Im repeating 2015 for the first 6 months: Hell of the West Mt Glorious trail run Whitehorse criterium (33k trail run) Some Audax 200s and maybe a 300 Tweed Coast Enduro Port Mac IM Warwick Pentathrun
  7. Wardy

    Bike shop rant

    I spent a week in Bright in January, and saw almost as many women riding as men. Also lots of women riding in Adelaide. There are now far more women riding than there were men riding 10years ago, but back then it wasn't hard to buy men's cycle clothing, so the "it won't sell" argument doesn't really stack up. (apart from the obvious point that it won't sell if not availablable). But i can see that the situation has already been clearly mansplained to you, so get back in your box! :-)
  8. Wardy

    Bridies Hour

    You may well be right. But they wouldn't have been certain Gerrans would be leading the race when they locked him in to speak then. Nevertheless, he spoke really well and was quite enthralling. I found Paulo Bettini (who was the advertised headline act) much less interesting. Hopefully Bridie was offered a place to be there, and simply chose not to attend, rather than being snubbed.
  9. Wardy

    Bridies Hour

    I scored a ticket to the Legends dinner this evening. Jens and Rohan Dennis talking about the hour record, but no Bridie. Perhaps not invited, but she's the legend i would have liked to hear from. Such a bloody boys club cycling...
  10. Wardy

    Bridies Hour

    It was hot, a bit humid, and AWESOME. Very inspiring.
  11. Wardy

    Bridies Hour

    Thanks Alex. Will be there!
  12. Wardy

    Bridies Hour

    When and where? Im in RAdelaide and interested to watch. Do you have a link with info? Thanks.
  13. So let me get this straight: if i walk to my local shops and don't wait for the pedestrian crossing signals (which i often do because i can't be bothered waiting for 90 seconds after pushing the beg button when there are no cars) it would be quite appropriate if i was crash-tackled by a police officer? Because after all, i had broken the law and deserved it? And if that was your elderly mother? (Who might be a bit deaf and miss the cop yelling Stop or I'll shoot) Or if it was your 14 year old son who is tall and could be mistaken for 18 from a distance?
  14. Baha. No, although there were tears shed, that was one heartbreak that could be fixed with a credit card :-)
  15. Katz, good luck to you! I hope it works out. Like others, I'm skeptical based on what you've told us, but I also think if it does go wrong again that you will be stronger and wiser for the experience, and you will cope. BB - that's good news. I went to see a psychologist a few years ago after a break-up that I felt I just wasn't coping with. I was hoping for some hints on coping strategies, but came away feeling that she had given me nothing useful at all. She didn't even ask any questions that were at all penetrating. If I just wanted to talk to someone random, I could have done it anywhe
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