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  1. Enjoyed this recently. 500m warm up 20x50 sprint anything divisible by 3 or 5 (3,5,6,9,10 etc) 200 easy Repeat 50s 300 cool down
  2. There was a question on QI a while back about this, well, about shaving for cycling but moved onto swimming. Their researchers found it was up to a 2% gain when swimming. That seems a lot but your 1% ish gain sits well inside that so maybe that was the difference.
  3. Never taken sick days to train but in last two build ups have been taking Wednesdays as annual leave in the big weeks. Works great and breaks the week up beautifully. People at work mainly ok about it, sense some people don't like it mainly because they just don't (understandably) get what it takes to complete all the training and recovery.
  4. Love my 210. 110 would be fine but 210 adds live pace and interval workouts.
  5. timc

    Bike box brands

    The EVOCs are great
  6. Hi Am after a training wheel set with power tap rear hub, ideally one of the ANT+ enabled versions. So if anyone has one lying around and would like to cash in please get in touch! Thanks.
  7. For Melbourne I think it was, and yes, on their FB page.
  8. Two weeks for my latest order, even after paying for the immediate despatch
  9. Thanks. Also tried this on Slowtwitch, and someone there reckons an older Dura Ace would work. Might be ordering a couple of brakes....
  10. Could anyone on here help with a problem I'm having with my Felt B2 Pro. I bought it as a frameset a few months ago moving all the gear over from my Cervelo. All has been good until I tried to put my race wheels on and the rear 808 tub doesn't fit. The brake calliper at the back simply won't open wide enough to allow the wheel in, it just hits the frame. The brake on there at the moment is a regular Ultegra rear brake, according to the Felt website the complete bike comes with a "TRP Custom Super Light Rear U-Brake" at the back. Does anyone know if this TRP brake would solve my
  11. If you can, get your hotel name written down in Chinese characters to show your taxi driver, a lot can't read the pinyin (Roman alphabet) versions.
  12. Won $13 on Lotto last night, maybe my luck is turning...
  13. Thanks, but that's not my size.
  14. The content that was on the website has been removed including their address. The story I was given was that they were in the process of refitting their showroom. I doubt it really exists. If I remember rightly the address was in Coomera. The address on the invoice they sent is a PO Box in Oxenford.
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