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  1. Stem

    BIG Husky 2020

    Same with the fun runs. Seem odd.
  2. Is it based on previous performance or can they just make anything it up?
  3. That would require them to show their financials wouldn't it?
  4. Well done Ex, deserved winner. Happy to have a brief moment on top and finish on the podium. I'm sure if I'd spent more than a minute picking the team I'd have done much worse 😄
  5. Hey Go Easy. Pretty much as expected. With the training I did I was hoping to still be running by the bottom of Kedumba which was pretty spot on, reached the creek about 10 past my 'best possible time' estimate. Cramps set in from then so mostly walking from there. If the legs had held up I would have been looking at 7:40 so not too bad and 1hr 40 quicker than last year. Slowest accent of Furber stairs but the finish chute was amazing and so worth it just for that. I forgot how many down steps there are after the Fairmont and hadn't trained for them so I think that section smashed my legs
  6. Jeez Go Easy, that's a hell of way to wrap up a race! Glad you're on the mend and hope it was just the low sodium/potassium. You and Turts are amazing! I can't conceive even thinking about those distances knowing how much I struggled the last bit of the 50, even with a reasonable lead in. Well done on getting it done and good to catch up before the day. Speedy recovery and hope to catch you at another crazy event soon.
  7. I have a bunch, but I couldn't be stuffed going through them 😄
  8. 😄 Don't worry, that won't be long.
  9. Sorry I'm late, what did I miss. Oh
  10. Keen to catch up Go Easy, sometime Friday I assume? Accommodation fell through so staying a fair bit out of Katoomba.
  11. I'll be there, late start for the standard.
  12. Stem


    G'day Mick, welcome back! Good to see you at Husky, and will no doubt see you at club champs. No kisses though.
  13. Good to see you out there Monkie 👍
  14. Stem

    Nepean 2018

    In again. #9. Probably should ride the bike this weekend.
  15. In for the 50. Gotta do better than last year
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