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  1. Your friend caused the accident. If your friend hadn't fallen off, the other guy would be still riding merrily along. The insurance company is simply trying their luck at getting out of a claim as $5k can quickly become $500k. The sad part is that the uninsured rider is going against an insurance company without any company or financial backup and he will probably run out of money before they do.
  2. I "got" PF in the Police force doing the Illinois agility test wearing full gear, vest, equipment etc. I literally felt it "pop" when I took off too hard from the prone position. I had cortizone, physio, ice, all forms of stretching, exercise, rest, you name it. I even resorted to a surgical calf "extension" at the back of the knee to free up the muscle and allow more ankle movement. It was very painful and hung around for 2 years. Then one week I was on holiday in Singapore on a cruise ship and I noticed one night that it had magically fixed itself. No pain since. Chapter
  3. I got a Blackvue with my recent Novated lease. I think they (the leasing company) are able to get a better insurance deal if you have it fitted via them professionally. It's only a matter of time before they are standard issue on cars. Most cars already record all parameters and speeds etc in the built-in computer which can be retrieved after a crash like a black box and a lot can be shown from those data points, even without video footage, particularly if you are being naughty.
  4. They catch traffic on the main trail and also on the feeder trails, usually where they join the main one at intersections. I counted 7 separate groups of counters this morning on my ride in. Where 2 trails join, they have a column for each. It helps with infrastructure planning and development. In Melbourne there are so many bikes, they are looking to introduce 5 main bicycle super-highway / arteries. It's a good thing. Go around the block and get counted twice if you have to!
  5. My bearings are stuffed in my rear wheel and a spoke is starting to pull out of the rim. Some might say I'm too fat for my bike and other may say is was a defect. Otherwise, crap happens. So I head off to my local bike store for a new rim only to be told that they won't do it because it's not a bike that they sold. Reason given was that a chap brought in a bike and had the rear wheel replaced and the front one broke and he blamed them and they had to pay out. Sounds like a weird story to me. They said it was a liability issue. So I asked about just bringing in a wheel to
  6. Agreed but fairly safe at that time of the morning. Most people walk out to their cars and get in and drive off. Home time is a different beasts completely as the opposite happens. That being said, my gaze for 90% of the time covers the drivers headrest area of the upcoming parked vehicles. I’ve always done that, I wonder if it’s normal !
  7. Get your eyes checked FB. You obviously didn't watch it properly. I was riding very dangerously in the middle of the road and weaving between traffic. Crazy. It was only a matter of time before someone got hurt or seriously injured!!
  8. Meanwhile in Melbourne... where you get abused for minding your own business. The video is quite deceiving as it's a bit tight through there which goes somewhat towards explaining what happened. https://youtu.be/SWSVL_meBJM
  9. Nice. A good result. Unfortunately will probably not change their behaviour in any way, but good to know that it hurt their wallet and pride a little.
  10. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Mine is a very heavy full-blown mountain bike, purchased for all-weather commuting, so if it was unrestricted it wouldn’t be that fast. If you had a hybrid model with skinnier wheels I’m guessing that you would effortlessly sit on 35-38. It’s a bit like asking how fast your race bike is.... if it’s got a tail wind and I pedal hard I could do 55kmh and so could you on yours.
  11. They are legally limited to 25 kmh.
  12. BC_J400


    Bunnings are all out of the P2 masks as they told me that the Government came and took them all off the shelves. As for which Government department I have no idea. You can still get a pack of 6 of the crap ones and a set of earmuffs and protective glasses for $16. Otherwise the P3's which are better than P2's are $65. You can also get a bit half mask with 2 large filters for $44 but the kids sizes don't come with filters and they don't have spare filters. If and or when this virus does hit this country in full, there will be no masks left unless ScoMo releases the supposed
  13. I use the flashing light during the day normally in the hope that drivers will see me better. I generally don't use it at night. There's one scene there where it's on and it's half dark, but that was more because I was distracted by the accident. The lights are really just there as spares because if I forget to charge one I'll be up the proverbial creek as I ride every day right through winter. The scene in the pitch black was where I turned on the light and almost ran over a possum and accidentally had it on flash coming up behind the pedestrians. I hate it when people on the paths
  14. Did anyone notice the quite amusing part in there... let’s just say it would have been embarrassing for the person involved? 😉
  15. I used to go faster on my naturally aspirated bike, however it's simply not safe and more. Too many Monday morning cup riders. Yesterday at one stage I was banked up behind 45 riders at Yarra Boulevard. It's not safe because many of the riders are not at all experienced. Just wait till these new Uber E-Bikes hit Melbourne!
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