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  1. Now that would be a bitch of a course. Have done it a couple times and the half distance out there is enough of a walk through hell. Yeah Gundi would make for a good tough IM. Not sure it has the infrastructure to support a race of that size though.
  2. Maybe Long Course is just going through a winter phase in it life. Time will tell but there is certainly more competition for a multisport athlete's dollar with a number of adventure races and other single sport endurance distance events ie MTB Enduro's seeming to grow in numbers etc. Hum I wonder how many people racing gundy in the morning.
  3. Hum if this is true. Next tip would be make sure you have health insurance that covers anything not covered by the race organisers.
  4. According to Darryl Kerrigan he can pick it up in the trading post for $5500 including air. Tell them their dreaming
  5. Totally agree. One needs to know the direction they want to travel before one can truly profit from the wisdom of a coach. Otherwise the investment will be a waste better to get a Personal trainer.
  6. grasshopper


    Develop sound business plan and sell it well to partner, that while the investment is greater the return on the Cervelo will be greater. Instead of Expense use the word Investment bah bah bah. In my daily experience of travelling past Cyco HQ it seems Cervelo & Azzuri 50/50 with 1 white knight on Ridley Machine and a couple treks .
  7. Just watch out for the CommonBank team as they generally have a few X pro athletes racing for them, however given they now work for BCC and the BCC teams are usaully good, BCC might take all podium spots this year. Which doesn't give the average punter a good crack at the podium. And now AMP have sign Yo Yo, well hope its a good contract Yo Yo Enjoy.
  8. grasshopper

    Cell bikes

    Looking at it looks like an attempt to cross the Orbea frame with the Specialize Frame, Nah doesn't have my vote.
  9. The hell you don't! Aero the whole way! Disc on the back, sperm helmet too! p.s. It's not a race. 381816[/snapback] I'll have whatever your having I guess its X east block material shipped in and added to your Opti Drink Formula
  10. Borat's Russian Cousin who made Russian National team, to feature in next Borat Movie, folks I beleive e have a winner. That's was gold
  11. grasshopper

    Which bike?

    I second this, especially this arvo as I was going pass the Cyco's home of worship on the way home the wind picked up and the soloist aero frame was cutting through the head wind really well.
  12. It comes down to the origins of the sport itself. Track and Field events in the main originate from the Olympics, Triathlon, and a number of other sports still in the early years do not though hve been added over time. Like many on here as a kid I watched Kona on Wide World of Sports and saw Scott, Allen, Tinley, Moss, Newby Frazer and Co battle to win on the field in Kona. Where as the whole a Olympic thing is still new. It would be interesting to ask the question 10 or 20 years down the track when Triathlon is a little more intrenched in the Olympic arena. After
  13. Move over Home brand, CUBE is coming to a shop near you Hi all On that, don't jump ship too quikcly, wait until all of the lenders have put up their rates to compare apples & apples. Some lenders will wait so that they have the 'cheapest' rates like some of the banks did late last year (with the sub prime issues) But, yes, the Cube TT is a nice machine - I just have to learn how to ride a bike a bit faster I think!! Hellman 358214[/snapback] Think of the positives... The slower you go = the more exposure you get 358550[/snapback]
  14. Economy class: In the Big Tent, just bring a swag, Freatures include minimum travel time to place of work on the weekend 24hr security patrol Your own natural water course to bath and swim in at door step. Local Bar/Club 50metres away. Enough engery bars a gels to keep you going for the weekend. And finally a bigger wardrobe selection than Yo Yo's.
  15. agreee with Plaz do a bit of both. If I was in this situation I would aleast get a coach/mentor who I could get a program off and then communicate via email or phone with regualrly to monitor my performance. Though if your training completely solo with no intention of being coached at the present the below might be of use. As Plateau's in performance are either Physical or Mental or just a phase in development while the body adapts ready for the next jump in performance. maximum potential. One option if you haven't already incorporated it into your training might be to either Rac
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