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  1. I can hear my mother screaming about no ball games inside.
  2. Can you put up a link to your insta page?
  3. And you are probably breathing more freely and evenly than the kids that came in ahead of you.
  4. gregb


    Lock down to slow spread of virus, but first, lets pack hordes of people into the supermarkets.
  5. gregb


    Seriously, how the hell do these people survive into adulthood?
  6. Down hill I suspect. Has anyone seen any credible reports from anywhere other than Washington?
  7. Hell, I remember when the first line was 'Australias sons let us rejoice' But if we are going to change it how about this: https://youtu.be/xiEycVMKoJo Also explains the 'girt' bit.
  8. gregb

    2020 totals

    Swim: 153Km Bike: 10369Km Run: 1614Km
  9. Did you make any other changes to your bike fit?
  10. gregb

    Bike Fitters

    I have had Retul bike fits for both road and TT by Daniel at OneBody. Link here.
  11. gregb

    Rapha festive 500

    Yep. Just need some clear weather. I have a few rides organised.
  12. gregb

    Kingscliff Tri

    Potholes add character and rustic charm to a road.
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