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  1. Terribly sad news I’ve not posted on here in something like 10 years as I don’t live in Aust any more but I still lurk to see how things still exist Digger was one of my fav blokes. Just a character, loved bike stuff as much as riding really fast ( which he could do better than most ). I’m pretty sure I’ve not met a bloke that could tell a joke better either. Digger was born into triathlon royalty in Frankston as his dad was a central figure there... he competed at IMH as an 18 year old too ( pretty sure he had to lie about age just to compete? )... not too sure how many
  2. Trek thanks for heads up let me know if that link works?
  3. Hi guys clearing out the shed for a bit of a hiatus too much stuff to properly list here ebay link is here (rest of ads can be linked to from this advert) Happy to do better prices than ebay for members on here - just PM me with what you want to buy via forum What won't be listed are things like bolts/fasteners/headsets/cables/housing. If you have a missing spare part to similar gear (to what is listed on ebay) I'll see what I can rummage up for you Also have a lot of triathlon trinkets like racebelts, goggles, ankle chip straps, spare elastic laces, if you buy somethin
  4. Hi folks have some race wheels for sale at present only available for pickup in Perth WA Happy to knock some $$$ off for Transitions member on the ebay stated prices - links are so people can see photos and read details Drop me a PM via forum board if you ened/want more details Zipp FireCrest 606 Tubular Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Enve Powertap 6.7 Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Zipp Disc / 808 combo (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers)
  5. Minoura VFS -150 Turbo Trainer (non-remote model) excellent condition these retailed for approx $450 in the day - seems some retailers still have them link here to Minoura's old info page Pickup only in Perth, WA Western Suburbs (after hours) or airport precinct (work hours) $150
  6. GunsBuns feel free to show to her...as long as she buys something. Oh hold on....that might be defeating the purpose And for what it is worth this is but a fraction of the crap accumulated in the shed...this is just what I dug out on one trip
  7. Trek 52 18 spokes radially laced on a DA 7900 hub
  8. Have one on these, let me know via PM if still looking and we'll talk details
  9. Few bits and pieces gone, still a bit of gear to go Have added a few things and taken off everything sold thus far
  10. Got some stuff to get rid of from a new bike I'll pop it up here for a week, prices are not open to negotiation. I'll send it in either 500 gram prepaid bags, or 3 kg bags depending on volume/weight. Look at $8 for 500 gm and $13 for 3kgs (this will include tracking and packing materials) Send me a PM if you need any further details or would like to purchase PayPal is the payment method offered (just allows buy to pay and listing to be edited immediately) - I'll share details with buyers via PM Vision Tech brake levers brand new (OEM) - $45 (with 22.2-24mm adapter - this me
  11. Regardless of where I am, bike path or not, this is a repeating pattern whereby cyclists of all walks seem to think that collecting as a bunch (irrespective of background) is now the 'done thing'?!?!? If I'm minding my business, not negatively influencing anyone why should I be expected to tolerate others who negatively influence me against social norms (or my stated wishes)? Despite the wise stated views of Aristotle and Sun Tzu, it's simply not cool to invade someone else's space, silently and expect it to be tolerated once that person realises and objects. Less so if said person com
  12. I'll fill the gaps We pass at considerably faster pace both because we don't want them to limpet on, also because (like overtaking on a dual lane road) we need to accomodate any potential oncoming traffic. Our preconceived notions are unfortunately confirmed that these gus do want to 'race' for some unknown reason He cops a spray because he's running my wife off her line (and into the gutter) and in the meantime trying to assuage her protests that his behaviour is OK. that trying to get on wheels (aggresively or not) is 'cool'. I then lose my cool because he overtakes me after bein
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