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  1. Hi Guys, been a while since I posted here. life was busy and certainly lost a bit of my triathlon mojo. My wife has put her journey with our little Hana over the past 4 years in a book. I know some of you have been very closely following and supporting us through this difficult journey. check out her book trailer and please support it! she's put her heart into it. Both of them Hana and my wife Naomi are my heroes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw8jSdMf_i0&t=21s
  2. This news really made me feel sick I rode on Mona Vale road that same morning. So sad for the family and all the riders involved. Hope there is a proper investigation into this one.
  3. The guy won two Olympic Gold medals.... not accidentally found himself In the lead and sprinted to a finish he went in twice with intention to win as favorite and executed. This not a small feat and to repeat is mind blowing. He has blown away the competition whenever he intended to win. He is a born competitor and winner he will tare IM a new one. No disrespect to IM or Frodo .... Frodo would not have been a match to AB on any day. Yet He blew IM veterans out of the water. AB and Olympic champions are a different league of triathletes. He will decimate the IM field unless Gomez s
  4. well I could but I can't ........ very very time poor AND lacking mojo....deadly combo. I get about 60-90 min at home a day when my kids are awake so spend it with them if I can after which I'm off to bed myself! the main issue is also the lack of drive.
  5. Completely agree and thanks for sharing this. It dangerous that people think that being endurance athletes makes people immune to these conditions. People think they can eat shit because they will burn it off etc... it is important to know these things and to now what symptoms are....... my brother in law 35 yrs old and ex-squash junior world champion and seemingly very fit guy one morning randomly vomited on his way to work and felt very unwell with a tight chest..... the emergency NHS doctor at the hospital told him to stop trying to get out of work and get on with it..... he went back a
  6. thanks for the input everyone. that a good idea Alex. I'll mix it up a little and see.
  7. I should've added starting this with below than average Fittness so swimming 2 min slower than my 1 k pb and riding 6 min slower than my Calga 25 km pb as well. I guess it's probably wishful thinking still.
  8. So what are your thoughts ? Can I improve my riding by putting in one ride 2-3 hours long a week? Some weeks I may be able to squeeze one 60-80 min turbo session midweek. I can swim 20-30 min 2-3 times a week. One short run. I aim to only do sprints and want to do a couple of Calga TTs
  9. That is very well controlled pacing! Only had 20 min in the morning so smashed a 1k TT Shaved another 10 sec 15:28 !
  10. Ok shaved 5 sec off! 15:38 last week!
  11. First TT 1km in 25 M pool 15:43 Hoping to get training a bit can break 15 min this year ?
  12. TrinewB

    Alter G Treadmill

    So what's management dornchronic ITB pain?
  13. TrinewB

    Alter G Treadmill

    I can see the merit if you have other injuries though
  14. TrinewB

    Alter G Treadmill

    I tried it for a couple of sessions but ITB pain was just the same
  15. TrinewB

    IM rules

    Clearly you weren't there so you can't comment on this photos of blatant drafting. ...... what a bullshit argument!!! if you were racing and did not see any drafting or participate in any .. well good for you. you only see a fraction of the event and what occurs around you the moment you pass that point.... the spectator / photographer sees way more.... get some perspective. Drafting is endemic to IM simply because they do not care about policing it ..... 30 min penalty certainly would but... they do not want to upset their customers. You race , you draft a little , you get a PB...
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