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  1. I have no issue with you not liking me or not reagrding my view and this is the second thread where you are attacking me. Please desist with the personal attacks and if you don't feel there is any value in discussing items with me then don't. The thread had gone down a path where a made up term was being used and I presented an alternate that I have been aware of for a few years. Clealry some others were not, Alex is a very smart and articulate guy who presented the alternate much better than I could.
  2. Fifer

    70.3 pros

    Attack me by all means (No Personal attacks & insults on others forum rule). Anyhow I undersatnd the situation with Mitch, but it is showing the weakness of LC triathlon as a serious professional sport. people can swing back in and out of the sport and beat guys who are supposedly pro. A woman can out do professional men, don't see that happening in the golden league. It happens on a very rare occasion in sports such as golf when gifted players such as Tiger emerge and it is still a bit different from golf. I am wondering how we can rectofy the state of play for pro triathelres. When I
  3. Fifer

    70.3 pros

    no fishing and not done to death, last week was about his Kona slot and flippin from one cat to another. I am thinking that as a pro sport long course triathlon is close to dead when an amateur can place so highly in an event. In serious pro sports it is not possible, golf may be the excption when once in a bleu moon an extraordinary amatuer talent comes along ie Tiger. On top of this we have a woman beating the men. Not a sexist comment but you don't see it happening in most other serious sports
  4. Fifer

    70.3 pros

    See that an AG has done some damage to the pros over in WA. Anderson beating a few of them home quite comfortably. The whole concept of a pro triathelete is at risk when the amateurs beat them
  5. Looking for the event as well before booking accomodation
  6. What Alex said basically covers it
  7. It is easier to go from 5:30 to sub 5 than it is 4:20 to 4:10 no doubt there. As far as goes meaningful contribution, I am looking at two ways to measure intensity one that is an objective and scientifcally measure of performance and I am suggesting that this is better than something that is a made up term that is not a measure of the work being done. Now for the balanced bit, Maffetone, EN, Coogan, Friel and co have all come up with or applied the work of others to in most cases for most people most of the time a set of training intensities that will work for most people. This validat
  8. The people getting in the water is unique to IM OZ. Last year and this year people form up into a wedge and then take forever to get in. In the US they just say start playing lemmings and the pack keeps moving forward none of this stand sround waiting to get in
  9. looks suspicously like last years threads, reruns argghh
  10. "Whilst this term is not correct in the scientific context (which I think you are busting to tell everyone), its still a well known and commonly used and usable term" Well yes? An alternative to using term that has no scientific basis, that is in fact made up is to use pace and power. http://www.runbayou.com/jackd.htm athelete no longer has to guess about Aet and knows exactly what they can run. Edited with caveat that I am not a great athelete but I have had the best season of my life using pace and power and ditching the HRM so far with great improvements at half IM, last week I got
  11. Fifer

    Team Pis IM

    fair point. As far as training goes there are loads of different folk out there, the HR guy, the power guy, the maffetone guy and any other way they try to control intensity and then as Paulo Sousa says there is the guy who gets results and everything else is pretty much irrelevant. PIS got the results so all power and credit to them. There is one huge advantage that your group has, you get out every day every week and this brings in the accountability aspect in terms of doing the workout and doing it effectively. Many folk have programmes but the amount completed will vary considerably
  12. Fifer

    Team Pis IM

    one 5-6 Km swim is normal for lots of people as are riding sat and sun, difference seems to be the accountability part. Your guys are training as a group so you are showing up and doing the sessions week in and week out and pushing each other. But it is still normal tri training
  13. what was the average power?
  14. agreed despite the many posts in other threads about draft free, on the first lap out while there were no packs there were heaps of riders riding well within 12 metres of each otehr sheltering from the wind, one TO sighted each time on the way out
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