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  1. Near new tri shoes in excellent condition having only been used three times in races. Shoes come with shimano cleats in excellent condition. Having used a number of tri shoes these are the best ones I have found, with the strap and fit of the shoes being just as good a a full cycling shoe. Selling as I'm not racing any more. $50 ono
  2. Results are here Results for the second round of the french GP for those that are interested (scroll down to the table press 'scratch' in the table for straight 1-100 results). I think the first round of the German Bundesliga is next weekend too.
  3. Have searched high and low and still can't find them?
  4. fitkid

    53cm COLNAGO

    Sorry, Bike is in Canberra
  5. fitkid

    53cm COLNAGO

    For Sale: 2009 Colnago CLX 53cm White Black Excellent Condition Full Carbon Frame, Fork, Stem & Seat Post Upgraded Carbon Cranks Full Shimano Ultegra (With the exception of the upgraded cranks) This is a fantastic bike. It is beautiful to ride and is perfect for any type of riding you can possibly imagine. $2,200. ono (I have a few photos but have no idea how you attach them.... Little help please)
  6. 2008 48cm Orbea Orca SL near NEW condition. Full Shimano Dura-Ace Group Set inc. pedals, Mavic Ksyrium SL Wheel Set, Deda Newton Bar + Stem, Zeus Carbon Seat Post and Fizik Arione Saddle Key Features: Orbea Orca SL Carbon Frame + Fork Full Shimano DuraAce 10sp Group Set Mavic Ksyrium SL Wheel Set Deda Newton Bar and Stem Carbon Seat Post, Carbon Cages x 2 $4000 Posting this for a friend, Let me know if you're interested.
  7. fitkid


    I just got asked to try the 'Science in Sport' bars. They were really nice and something like 70% fruit. They also got my dietician friends tick of approval! They also tasted awesome.... vanilla and cherry! mmmmmmm
  8. Hope everyone has a strong stomach.... and spare sick leave for next week: Straight from the National Capital Authorities Website: Algae condition: Lotus Bay - closed to swimming signage. Ferry Terminal - warning signs. East Basin -Alert Level Extreme - closed to swimming signage. Yarralumla Beach - closed to swimming signage. Black Mountain Beach - closed to swimming signage. Western Park East - closed to swimming signage. Western Park West - closed to swimming signage. Note: Warning signs advise swimmers of elevated levels of blue-green algae. These areas do remain op
  9. fitkid

    Sandringham OD

    4 Laps Where on earth did you get 8 laps from??? you'd be dizzy by the end of that!
  10. RE: 2. as much as you want to laugh about this one.... parts of the lake have already been closed as of tonight! Last year there was a Jet Ski 'race' in the lake convieniently the day before the capital tri, just to stir things around. Hope you don't have a weak stomach!
  11. Does anyone use their IPhone as a training diary/log? If so what ap do you use??
  12. fitkid

    M'ba entries open

    Where did you get this information from...... aren't the challenge series the only qualifying races???
  13. fitkid

    Beep Test

    the Beep test is all in your head. If you have the ability to think towards the end (which takes practice) you can push yourself about another 1 or 2 levels. Each level is only 1 minute, and they just put more beeps into each level to fill the minute. If you ask yourself if you can run for another minute the answer is always yes. You just have to practise telling your legs to shut up and keep running! Off 1, 5k run per week (before i knew what triathlon was) i managed 13.1 , because i told myself i was going to beat everyone else doing it. the person who came second got 12.12 o
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