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  1. Thanks for everything Roxii. With love, Tafnap
  2. Greg LeMond, cycling great, in new carbon fibre venture with Geelong's Deakin University BY CAMERON BEST22 MINUTES AGO Email Facebook Twitter WhatsApp PHOTO Greg LeMond (centre) riding in the 1989 Tour de France. REUTERS: ERIC GAILLARD American Greg LeMond is an innovator and businessman who just happened to win the world's most famous bike race — three times. LeMond won the Tour de France in 1986, 1989 and 1991 riding carbon fibre bikes, and pioneered the use of the strong, lightweight material in cycling. But his latest
  3. Interesting http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-21/greg-lemond-in-new-carbon-fibre-venture-with-deakin-university/8637092?pfmredir=sm
  4. detai

    RIP Kamal2

    Shocked to see this on fb this morning. I remember seeing his last post yesterday. So sad.
  5. Was thinking of racing. Just doing research.
  6. Just in case you want to sample the best NZ has to offer after the race. Look which area ranks #1 http://www.flava.co.nz/hot-linkz/these-are-nzs-worst-regions-for-stis/
  7. He's done it. 3 world records in 2 days. Finished his 48h mtb ride doing 1004.541km Friggn legend
  8. I don't know how to post photos here but it is a giant xtc, looks like XT kit on it and he has a Garmin something arather on it. It can only be a standard purchased bike so it can't be lowered, suped up or run areo bars
  9. The current record for 48h is 746km There is a guy with a pending record of 811km Pinky wants 1000km
  10. He has his sights on doing 1000km by 48 hours which I think very soon. He Is lapping at 51secs and he is 90secs ahead of his goal. He has ave 20.6km/h so far, which is insane on a mtb over this length of time
  11. The current 48h record was broken by Pinky at the the 35h and 12min mark
  12. The 24 hr official record beaten at 2.37pm (457kms). 5.25 hours ahead of the 24 hr cutoff. There's a pending 24hr record at 523kms which we think he will get at 6pm. Now let's see where he can take the 48 hr.
  13. I don't think tafnap can remember her login
  14. Anyone else keeping an eye on Pinkboys current 3 World record attempts? Dude has smashed the first one. Guy's a gun. 1. 12hr mtb distance record. Tick..smashed it 2. 24hr mtb distance record. Tick..smashed it 3. 48hr mtb distance record. Tick.....and still smashing it https://www.facebook.com/events/1014343665254568/ Private page but his wife may be accepting.
  15. OzHeDude is doing alright, bumped into him tonight at the pub.
  16. Been watching developments from facebook, good job mate with the site. Have i missed much here? Much Love, detai
  17. Can i merge OzHEDude, TAFNAP, Allan Pitman, AP, and all the rest into this one?
  18. detai


    Grilled - Baa Baa burger. yummo
  19. Good luck up there guys, i won't be up there this year, going elsewhere for hols this year.
  20. Bumpski.......free tix, just wanna offload em, see my first post
  21. cat 4 1x adult, 1x child <<====== GONESKI Cat 1 1x aisle 402 row 3 Not after any money for them, perhaps a drink or 2 at the game and some hotdogs for the kids If anyone in Sydney knows anyone who wants basically free tix, give em my details Paulie 0412 661 905
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