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  1. To be honest I don’t think about it like that. I look at it like Im giving him a chance to do something he wouldn’t normally get to do. We have a good friendship also so it’s like we’re just out having a bit of fun. The real upside is that it’s reinvigorated my Cycling a bit!
  2. It’s been a while since my last 70.3; might even have been known as a HIM back then! Long story short, I’ve been doing quite a bit of riding and bike racing with a vision impaired bloke (Dean Cameron) who loves a challenge and is quite competitive and after doing Port IM “just to get through it” we thought we’d have a go at Sunny Coast. After we had entered the 70.3 back in May and booked our accommodation in Mooloolaba Cycling Queensland released their TT series dates and RND 4 and the State Champs fell on Saturday at Kingaroy, Dean was leading the Para series so we really needed to race
  3. Tomsey

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    Cycling shoes generally won’t have the loop on the back of the shoe meaning it’s difficult to hold shoe and slip foot in while on the bike. For me, the running in and out of transition wearing your shoes is a danger more so than a time saver with tri shoes already being on your bike and there is less of a bunch up at the mount/dismount line. If you have a choice, pick the tri shoe and have them on your bike.... you don’t have to be quick to get an advantage.
  4. It’ll be a red Yakima tent, there’ll be a tandem in there and a few single bikes. More than welcome, we’re a pretty easy going bunch.
  5. I’ll be at the one on the 17th with a tent set up if you want to join us. I’ll also be at Kingaroy, Sunny Coast HIM have given approval for a late racking of bike Saturday evening if needed, I’m sure they’d accomodate you if you wanted to do both.
  6. Hey Tomsey how are you going'

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