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  1. Or wash it between uses.
  2. She didn't say that her boyfriend or brothers were doping. She said that the supplements being used by her boyfriend and brothers may have been contaminated and they were all using the same blender.
  3. Great field. Only a few of the big names are missing - Jan, Joe Skipper, Lucy Charles Barclay. It would have been interesting to see what Wurf could have done on the bike on this course.
  4. According to the ST article the banned drug that he took will come off the banned list at the end of the year. https://www.slowtwitch.com/Opinion/Lessons_Galore_in_Starky_s_Ban_7828.html
  5. I will have to sign up to Stan for a month to watch it, via VPN. It is great that we have so many good streaming options now. The downside is that some of them only have one show that you are interested in. I have Disney+ at the moment purely for the Mandalorian.
  6. I have a race number holder for my bike. No sticky residue, no creases and no swearing trying to get the number to centre on an aero seat post. https://vondrais.com/
  7. The court has published why it thought that she did not cheat intentionally. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-24/shayna-jack-scared-and-paranoid-court-arbitration-for-sport/12909818 WADA can still appeal the decision. $150K is a lot of money to spend on an appeal.
  8. Florida 70.3 which was scheduled for a week before Daytona has just been cancelled. With Covid cases averaging over 6000 per day in Florida and Thanksgiving this week to make it worse, I am not confident that this race will go ahead.
  9. I have only used poles when trekking. I am going to get some and try them out for trail running. They might reduce the number of times that I go A over T.
  10. That looks like an amazing course. Good luck with the training.
  11. I use De-Solv-it from Bunnings to remove sticker adhesive from race numbers from my helmet and bike.
  12. This is the ST article about the new standard for tubeless. https://www.slowtwitch.com/Products/Things_that_Roll/Race_Wheels/Your_Tires_May_Not_Work_on_Today_s_New_Fast_Wheels_7816.html
  13. Same here. Not sure if I should be impressed or concerned.
  14. I stopped to help a cyclist with a flat tyre a few months ago. The wheel was tubeless. The cyclist was trying to get the tyre off so that she could install a tube but was not strong enough to get the tyre off. I tried to get the tyre off but snapped my plastic tyre lever. She had to phone a friend to come and get her. My road bike has tubeless. I work FIFO and got tired of coming back and finding my tyres flat with a pool of sealant on the floor. Even with one of those air canister pumps I could never get the tyre to seat and seal. I have put tubes in with no more problems.
  15. There is a 13 year kid in the US doing ultras and winning them. https://lowcosports.com/2020/07/21/beauforts-gavin-moore-was-born-to-run-and-run-and-run/
  16. I wonder if Robbo has a Zwift account and is racing as a 50kg cyclist.
  17. I recommend that you do not wear your Maroons cycling jersey if you cycle into NSW 😀
  18. Two Pro's have been busted for fake power files. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/11/zwift-bans-two-pro-racers-for-altering-data-an-explainer-of-sorts.html
  19. Article about the risks of Covid at Daytona. https://www.washingtonpost.com/road-to-recovery/2020/11/19/challenge-daytona-triathlon-florida-coronavirus/
  20. This is a good article on the science behind poles: https://www.outsideonline.com/2418032/trekking-poles-research
  21. The US President has the power to issue pardons for his actions also. I am glad that Australian PM's do not have the same power. Nobody should be able to circumvent the justice system.
  22. I think that they will be trying to give away slots to Ironman St George at Australian races. Even with vaccines becoming available in 2021, International flights availability/cost and quarantine requirements will still be an issue in September 2021.
  23. There is quite a bit of evidence that a high fibre diet can assist with gut health and bowel cancer. The evidence for the efficacy of pre and pro biotics is thin. If you are taking antibiotics or have diarrhoea probiotics may help. Foods such as yogurt can be just as effective and cheaper than probiotic tablets. From the Choice website: A diet rich in vegetables, fruit and wholegrains, along with other healthy lifestyle measures such as regular exercise, avoidance of smoking or excessive drinking, and stress management will help provide ideal conditions for a healthy microbiome.
  24. The PTO has announced maternity leave for any one ranked in the top 100. They must have deep pockets, they are burning through the money quickly.
  25. It would make a HUGE difference for me. I would finish 790th instead of 794th!
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