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  1. For the 7 hour IM attempt Brownlee will be wearing a thick wetsuit that does not meet the current rules. So more wetsuit is better.
  2. I wonder what the fixed costs are for TA and the state associations are. This season revenue will be down a lot.
  3. I agree with Timan. Margaret Court has received more media publicity than the winner Grace Tame. Grace Tame's story should be one that everyone is talking about. Court received the honour for tennis: For eminent service to tennis as an internationally acclaimed player and record-holding grand slam champion, and as a mentor of young sportspersons.
  4. It depends on which Google products are stopped. I could live without Google Search and Chrome. However I would struggle without GMail, Google Maps and Google Translate.
  5. With an approval rating of 89% he will be premier for at least one more term.
  6. We won't find out what the award is for until they are officially announced on Australia Day
  7. I think that the award is more likely to be for her service as a pastor. The church that she founded does a lot of outreach work and provides food and clothing to the poor.
  8. Looking back on this thread he was a good swimmer as a teenager. His run times look good. Hansen and Wurf will make the cycle leg interesting.
  9. Is there a solution? I think that most people would agree that FB, Twitter, etc need to moderate posts. The current AI is not up to the task. What else can be done?
  10. It is alright for her she is short. I tried doing laps in my bath this morning and my legs don't fit! I escape from quarantine today. Going for a run in the morning and skiing in the arvo.
  11. Hansen is doing IM Taiwan in 2 months. https://www.velonews.com/news/road/adam-hansen-flexes-his-mechanical-muscles-as-he-prepares-for-life-as-an-ironman/ Hot and humid. It should give a good indication if he is going to be a contender for Kona.
  12. Now that there are no Olympics Iden will definitely win Kona.😀 If it is cancelled early enough ITU guys like Gomez and Brownlee will have time to focus on IM training before Kona. It could be one of the strongest Kona fields ever.
  13. I am in quarantine again this week. I have just emailed my boss demanding a house with a tennis court, twice weekly visits from a hair dresser and a low cut shirt to show off my cleavage in my Insta photos! Based on my experience of quarantine last year the tennis players will lose quite a bit of fitness sitting around their hotel rooms. At a minimum they need to get them a treadmill to maintain some fitness. At the level these players are at, a small drop in fitness will have a big impact on their performance.
  14. I am still catching up on IM Talk podcasts. Just listened to the Emma Carney one. Great interview. She is so competitive.
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