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  1. Give Redders a call mate Thats his role now Stubbsy
  2. Hey Nic well spoken I have made a point of staying out of this until now but i could not agree more with what Nic said and i wouldnt know where to start when it comes to BDs contribution to the sport of triathlon. We may not agree with his policy all the time but i can tell you Bill Dav is a quality person with the highest level of intergity who has worked for the sport for a long time and what Nic says is 100% correct. His work here in Tassie way back was instrumental in the sports development He also coached one very very talented age group world champion and i might ad multiple worl
  3. Top job mate Catch up soon for a few beers Stubbsy
  4. 500 - 600mts short guys, i am here in Hungary way to fast, that aside Paul was very very impressive Stubbsy
  5. All the very best GSP Stubbsy in Gyor Hungary - World Duathlon Championships
  6. Hi Guys Joe has be around the sport since he was 14 when he was part of the Tasmanian teams that represenetd the big island at the Australian All schools each year.Very talented young man who is finally reaching his potential so its no suprise he has done well. he grew up in launceston and has raced in France with a pro team and has used the sport to travel the world. He was coached in the early days by one of the toughest athetes i have ever met in Mark Matthews, he has also trained with Bill Daveron on the Gold Coast, has won the Tasmanian Triathlete of the year on a couple of occasio
  7. Thanks for the feedback, Just putting the option there for anyone who has a genuine isssue with accom at port as i know IMG are concerned if this in fact is happening. Your call on whether you follow through, just letting you all know you have an outlet that will at the very least listen to your concerns Stubbsy
  8. Hi All A few weeks ago a couple of threads discussed the increasing costs of accom in Port at ironman time. Guys, I am sure if IMG have actual concrete evidence of genuine cases where this is happening they would investigate the issue, so if you have anything in writing where a hotel provider has increased the costs since year 1 at port substantialy please write to IMG via the website. I know for a fact that they are concerned if this in fact is occuring. Kind Regards Stubbsy
  9. Easy Guys, From what i understand Karen will be at Ironman Australia at the finish line.Her accom is all booked and she is confirmed. So the traddition continues. Stubbsy
  10. Have a good one mate, Take Care, Hope the Family are fit and well Stubbsy
  11. Hi All I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their fantastic support of my race over the last 5 years. You guys make the race and the feedback and support you have given the race has led to its improvement over time. Unfortunately things change and with the structural changes to the series we were unable to find a date which suited both the race and of course, showed due respect to the other Race Directors and there races and also there history in the series at a particular time of the year. Its obviously sad for me as like any race director you put a lot of
  12. Thanks Guys, Appreciate the positive feedback,Not sure what the future holds, time will tell. Glad u all had a great time, A Zed What time did u end up with mate ? KS
  13. No worries Guys, certainly was a great day weather wise, fancy being asked to turn the temp down in Tassie. Good luck for the rest of the summer KS
  14. Hi All Just quick thank you to all that made the trip to Tassie on the weekend to compete in our event.Hope you enjoyed the race and your stay in Devonport.On behalf of the event team,thanks,you made the race. Stubbsy
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