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  1. Nice sledge, were you a cricket player in a past life?
  2. Both Zwift & Rouvy (my preference) have free days trial so you can sign up and trial for free. I run Rouvy of an old iPad or my laptop
  3. Because my wife likes the Dyson. Therefore she uses it. But seriously it is the easiest to use from a setup and performance for day to day cleaning. So I use it to. We have dog, cat, kids and myself making a mess so convenience is important. We have a built-in system, a Dyson roller ball plug in and a Dyson stick and the stick gets used by far the most.
  4. I use a Evoc bag, has done multiple domestic in Australia and now NZ, as well as a few trans Tasman flights. My son also did quite a few trans Tasman flights with his. The wheels are great for moving through the airport. And can get into back of wagon with one back seat passenger. Mine fits a 29er large or XL (current bike). The issue with a lot of the cases with a MTB is keeping under the 23kg weight limit. To carry my Norco Optic i have to remove pedals, disc & Cassette then comes to 22.6kg. This was from last weekend’s flights. Son has moved back to a bike box as his endu
  5. What about the likes of Roth. That is not an Ironman but a iron distance! The sub 7/8 project is about the distance not the brand.
  6. Ironman New Zealand 27 March 2021 Preamble IMNZ this year initially didn’t know in November 2020 whether I wanted to commit to a summer of training for the event. My normal routine has about 6-8hr/week of running and biking week on week. Committing to IMNZ meant swimming and longer rides on the road bike, doing things in a more structured way rather than the lifestyle approach that I have. On the motivation side was redemption from the 2020 disaster where I went hard on the run and walked a long way. I started swimming again at the local pool slowly building up my endurance agai
  7. rory-dognz

    NZ Ironman

    In NZ we can leave, getting back is dependent on getting a MIQ spot. If under current rules would be able to book slot in MIQ 3 months prior.
  8. rory-dognz

    NZ Ironman

    Was happening today, form email The first qualified get email and 48hr to accept, if not taken next in line get email and 48hr to accept. Once all taken then all interested get email with results. Based on above will take 30 weeks for it to roll over to me. Anthing is possible
  9. Kieren, transfer me AUD75/week and I’ll write you a custom program for the first 20 weeks. It will be what i did last week, but tailored to your shift pattern (when i remember). Or follow some one on Strava and do what they did!!! If it is structure you want than that is a different issue. Even though i live in a city i do my own thing. EDIT: just adding i have a top 400 finish in an Ironman so must know what I’m doing
  10. IMNZ had same medal as last year. 2020 has 2020 ingraved on back and on ribbon 2021 nothing on back and not on ribbon I'm not worried as I can get 2021 ingraved on if need be. Or written on by marker. Or nothing
  11. rory-dognz

    NZ Ironman

    Just got to say, 393rd fastest time in the world this year. Vast improvement from 896 last year. with the 70.3 Friday and Sat before the start still felt busy with good vibe. it was only out on the last lap of the run really noticed the lack of numbers.
  12. rory-dognz

    NZ Ironman

    Thanks, beautiful conditions out there yesterday. You can't beat a mass swim start on Taupo I had a good day by my standards, held it together to run/shuffle the whole way. The small field was noticeable on the run as not as busy, and emptied out on my last lap
  13. rory-dognz

    NZ Ironman

    Race number 677
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