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  1. Thanks to all for the work done to keep this community going.
  2. I negotiated dollar for dollar dog for sports gear. So far triathlon is cheaper than the dog. That is over 23 years. Also purchase from supermarket is household expenses not sport, so nutrition for training is whatever supermarket has. Came from 2 more expensive sports of windsurfing and multi sport (run,bike,kayak) so again tri is lower gear costs. costs for year are bike service $1000, 10year old bike needed rebuilding, wetsuit $800, 10 year old wetsuit perished nutrition $100 swim pool entry $200, use sea a lot running shoes/clothing etc $400 Ra
  3. Thank you for the explanation, especially the numbers on how many go into MIQ a day, and total number of beds.
  4. His wife told him too 😛
  5. That’s actually quite a good time to get from UK to Australia. As someone who is doing this several times a month to get components around from around the world for our manufacturing plant. Even though DHL ideally use there own planes, all airfreight is really restricted due to allot less planes flying. Also about 3 times price. Even trans Tasman can be over a week. got slightly better time wise with the bubble.
  6. If you clowns in the dumb state, cause us in Godzone to have to endure another lockdown then i will be pissed off. So far no-one here seems to be panicking which is good. Although the boss goes to Melbourne on Monday so bringing back 2 week MIQ could be good from mid next week.
  7. No NZ only accepts citizens and some residents. This has been policy all along. Exception being some work force exceptions. For India NZ shut the door on 4th April for 2 weeks so may / may not resume tomorrow Feeling here is very much keep those in the country safe as we are the ones who have had to do the hard yards. The team of 5 million, not team off 5 million and Johnny come lately. NZ has had a number of MIQ failures including similar to your WA one of being in next room.
  8. They do this every few years, then use data for loading profile on the plane. Survey for a week I think. Flying Auckland to Christchurch today so see how it goes.
  9. What FP has said has very much been my approach for 18 years. i did jobs that paid well to provide for the family. key were pay and hours so i could spend time with family and pursue my sport. This meant turning down some interesting projects because they had me travelling away for blocks of time. The kids also knew I was doing this to pay their lifestyle, and potentially help them choose wisely on there future. I worked in industries that were unpopular; sometimes at a social function not mentioning your industry to avoid the rants, and in roles that were potentially unpopular or paid ab
  10. Like IMNZ in March 2021 Just had to mention it.
  11. As a long term endurance participant if doing a medal make it unique not something Mr T would wear on A team. I have a box of them, could only describe 2 or 3 of them. The finisher medal/memorabilia I use / remember from races are the 2 coffee cups (Nepean, Run Larapina), these i use regularly. Good quality drink bottles are a great swag item and about only thing from a swag bag that is lasting, unless sponsors product like chain lube, sun block, sports/inedible bar. Good drink bottles are also a great reminder of the event, crappy ones are a event turn-off, from doing again.
  12. Nice sledge, were you a cricket player in a past life?
  13. Both Zwift & Rouvy (my preference) have free days trial so you can sign up and trial for free. I run Rouvy of an old iPad or my laptop
  14. Because my wife likes the Dyson. Therefore she uses it. But seriously it is the easiest to use from a setup and performance for day to day cleaning. So I use it to. We have dog, cat, kids and myself making a mess so convenience is important. We have a built-in system, a Dyson roller ball plug in and a Dyson stick and the stick gets used by far the most.
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