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  1. Our in NZ level 4 could still go outside. No restriction on time or distance but only on foot or bike. But asked to keep local. No gatherings No being allowed outside is harsh
  2. The shimano 105 level is NZD 6.4k so cost comparable with a Cervelo px
  3. Well said, and sums up most political situations. Here in NZ there are some instances of this from both major political parties and a lot from some of the minor ones. The key is making the truth available and fast to minimize the damage from the conspiracy theories.
  4. For me the off season is about enjoying training. So do what you can fit in with your lifestyle. To me that is coming into season refreshed and uninjured, with some fitness. For your running just run, no structure just out door for what you feel like/have time for.
  5. My comment was based on my road bike. I have run gp5000 or Rubino II successfully tubeless on my Caden rims. They come off fairly easily when required. Technique is to unseat both sides all way around first before using tyre lever. I also agree that great until fail, but on our roads get less punctures per year so must work.
  6. Try plugging it, I tried one and didn’t succeed but was a bit of a lame try. Just wanted to go for a ride so took the easy path of putting a tube in. It is a skill i will need to get right at some stage When i get motivated (probably after the next puncture in the tube) will try again.
  7. That you can discuss politics on a forum if people play the ball and not the man!!!!. Good people will step up under pressure and bad people will be true to type. Choose your outcomes
  8. Conti gp5000 has replaced the 4000. I use them as everyday tires and really like them. Good puncture resistance and compliance blend. Or Victoria rubino similar to above.
  9. At that price would avoid dual suspension. Best would be 27.5 or 29 inch wheels, alloy frame, hydraulic disk brakes, 100mm front suspension, gears 2x10 slx/xt/xtr. You might get lucky and get an experienced rider cleaning out after a upgrade. Like a road bike if worn or loose then equals either expensive or problematic. Look for signs of oil leaking from forks, wheels not true, impact damage on rims or frame. You could try out MTBing on a Kmart bike, but if you enjoy then will need to upgrade quickly. If you can stretch budget go duel suspension 120-140mm travel as
  10. Someone just got brought out or threatened seriously!!! I’m on neither side but a backflip of this proportion!!
  11. We have run 4 bikes on the roof multiple times, both road and MTB bikes. Just top and tail across the roof, If two bikes are identical in size; and the bars clash, you can stagger the roof mounts where there attach the bases mount to the horizontal s bar If buying new get the wheel on models as much easier with thru axles and no dirty wheels in car. Also ask the shop to single key everything so same key for a 3 bike mounts
  12. The irony of a triple post by a Queenslander on how stupid Americans are! The above was a joke and i hope it is taken that way (kiwi may not understand Australians humour or lack of at times)
  13. Thank you for this summary. This helps me as an outsider better understand what the Melbourne situation is that my work colleagues are facing.
  14. 2 days MTBing in Rotorua. Tried some new tracks which were great, beautiful bush and trails were in perfect condition. Over two days about 2200m of climbing. few shuttle runs as well to enjoy the flow trails.
  15. Genetics wins out. To be fast you have to have the genetic to push yourself, recover well, avoid injury. Then i think it is ability to train, me I’m broken so won’t go fast, and been in the endurance sport 30 years, 14 in triathlon. So a in my sample of 1 someone coming into the sport may well go faster as less accumulated injury and body wearing out.
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