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  1. Yeah except I think the cube has looked like that for a few years...
  2. I like the look of those bikes and have done since Raelert rode one a few years back. Cube were stocked by 99 bikes for a while but surprisingly only there very low level ranges... As always, I dont really put much stock in what pros say about their bikes in terms of speed or ride ability but this one looks a whole lot better than the last one to my eyes... they look like a bit cheaper than the $20k SWORKS monstrosity good move for them probably, get 4-5 hours coverage of her at the front of a race, she has a pretty good SM presence so wil be spruiking therm hard.
  3. Have you worn one of these before for sizing or just taking a punt?
  4. Also won the daytona 100 or whatever it was....
  5. pieman


    Rightio. I'm just entering the school system so yet to encourage the school mum.. The answers lie in her experience or lack of.. her cv is a joke. Retail assistant while at school. Uni politics. Advisor job for one of her dads ALP mates Takes over dads electorate Premier..
  6. pieman


    You do realise she doesn't have any kids right...? It was quite the talking point about a year ago when the LNP implied as a "non mother" she was less able to be a leader...
  7. Will depend on what sort of car you have, what features you want in the rack and budget. Boot racks Towball There are also hitch and roof racks but they are pretty painful to use (some of the larger towball ones are also the more bikes, and if you want locks etc will all add to the cost
  8. pieman


    Cfmeu wouldn't allow it
  9. I find Garmin sleep monitoring less reliable than their wrist HR (which is saying something).. I've had many nights where I've been awake most of the night but 'staying still' trying to drop off and I've recorded 8 hours of sleep with loads of rem and deep sleep...I think as long as you're still you get false readings
  10. Major issue with 50 in 50 was the 'in every state'thing that required excessive travel between events this one will be largely from his doorstep.. but yep AP and you are probably right
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