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  1. It usually happens when there is new intake at the police college. Quite good training for them having to deal with jaywalkers...
  2. is it on Netflix? I thought it was Amazon only?
  3. pieman

    RPM bikes

    Isn't that the one that had a go at GPlama (closed him down temporarily)? sounds like reason enough to avoid them... 😉
  4. Seems like todays plan is a pay for service thing as well so what benefit would you get from changing? Final surge is free and seems to do all the same as TP... https://www.finalsurge.com/Pricing
  5. pieman

    IMWA 2020

    @KieranR can be your swim guide, although not sure if him spearing fish would be a shark attractant or repellent...
  6. Any idea what happened to cause it? sleeping in a different (probably shit) bed?
  7. probably the other half's Subaru..?
  8. You should head out and do it again now and see how much impact the weather had...😃 Congrats on hitting your goal. Well deserved
  9. That explains where AP has been the last 2 years.. i didn't know he was in Nam..
  10. I understand that putting it way down there can help identify if you are snaking across the pool but i find i cant do it for more than 50m like that. I am standard up in crotch and band so cant cheat..,
  11. pieman


    ouch.. 5k? How are you finding it? I am considering one of the much lower end Nordictracks..
  12. Not sure any research has ever found that 28s are faster... more comfortable for sure... 25s for speed..
  13. pieman


    How so? Southside declared a hotspot? Flow on race war?
  14. Same as 95% of his content then....
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