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  1. Occasional lottery ticket and that’s it. Whenever there’s a gambling ad on the tv I turn the volume off.
  2. Thanks, basically I’ll be using mine mainly as a road bike and an occasional gravel bike and spare bike if my road bike is out of action. My son will definitely put his to the gravel test more than me. We we’re very lucky to get them, as the bike shop (Renshaws Pedal Project) only had those two in our size and that’s it. As you know, bike supplies are rare and can be a very long wait on orders.
  3. Just purchased this for myself. Focus Atlas 6.7 And this is for my son Focus Atlas 6.8 (he’s going to pay me back)
  4. Just purchased this for myself. Focus Atlas 6.7 And this is for my son Focus Atlas 6.8 (he’s going to pay me back)
  5. Haven’t used it yet but was highly recommended by mechanic at LBS https://www.bikebug.com/ride-mechanic-bike-milk-lubricant-.html
  6. I’ve also read and seen on GCN that having a clean and well maintained chain can also save watts.
  7. Hmmm, interesting theory and if it can be done, why hasn’t it been done before and is it worth it.
  8. I also wish Andrew a speedy recovery and understand it’s still early days in and a lot of hospitals now have a rehabilitation program based in their hospitals. If they don’t and when the time comes their is Mt Wilga Private Hospital in Hornsby which is purely a rehabilitation hospital with great Physios, Exercise Physiologists, and Occupational Therapists.
  9. My dad used to do this trick for me and I used to do it to my kids. OH DAD! 😏
  10. Neither of my parents or my brother learnt to drive a car. We all relied on public transport. I was the only on in our family of four to get a license to drive because I wanted to go surfing. Does that make the whole family quirky.😀
  11. First of all IronmanFoz, I hope you are going to be OK and make a full recovery. I don’t understand the mentality of the people making these disgusting comments but surely their would be a Facebook moderator that could issue a warning to these people that they are being watched and be careful with what they are saying.
  12. Hi Peter, We sold our house in Hornsby Heights in October 2015 for over $1 mill and retired to Bathurst and paid $161,000 for 817square metres flat block of land and then built. We looked around in other areas up the coast in land from Newcastle but we wouldn’t be as financially comfortable as we are. If we had stayed in the Hornsby area we would have to still be working or on a government pension which I didn’t want to do.
  13. I just checked, and this is what I use with no issues. And as Roxii said about pulling it too tight but also do at least a couple of revolutions. Plus when storing the tape I keep it separate in a dry cool place.
  14. A year has passed very quickly, but time for an update on Kira at 13 months old.
  15. As stated above my MIL who has pancreatic cancer is now in palliative care in hospital. I see my role as support for my wife and her stepfather, who has done his best as carer, but finally resigned to the fact that he could not do it anymore and had to consider his own welfare. As mentioned, I think it’s important to ask friends, relatives etc. if everthing is OK and for some reason I seem to be a bit of a sponge for people’s problems but I also have a friend who I can rant to when needed and have told them how thankful I am for them listening to me. Also, it’s not a competition abou
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