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  1. Well, there you go it’s a small world. 👍
  2. I’ve been doing the Tuesday night at 6pm, weather dependant. It’s not a long ride, for me around 35km but my average speed goes up significantly. Everyone is welcome, even old farts like me at 67yo and Mark and his staff from the shop call the shots. It’s not a race as such but it can get fast and furious on the return, so you have to be aware of what’s going on and allow for a mix of riders. It can break up into a couple of groups and I’m usually in the slower group, but they regroup later on and all ride home together Where do you live, as we have some come from Orange just for the ride
  3. I’m in Bathurst and recently been doing The Renshaws Pedal Project shop ride, which, I guess, because Mark Renshaw leads the group, has attracted a lot of experienced and newbie riders, young and old. The first time their was about 50 riders in the peloton riding 2 abreast on open country roads and I was pretty nervous as I’d never ridden with so many before. It was a challenge mentally and physically to hang on especially when they really turned it on but the experience is worth it and certainly improves your concentration and reflexes.
  4. fiftyplus


    After being made redundant at 55yo with the unlikely chance of getting a job in the rapidly changing industry, I got a job as a wardsman/porter in a local hospital plus got my Auswim certificate and did casual learn to swim classes. From my experience both industries don’t discriminate as long as you are reliable and trustworthy. Hospital pay is crap but it’s a job. For both you will need to get a Working with Children clearance.
  5. I know it can be a problem for some in tight turns, but have you had any issues with front wheel toe overlap?
  6. A I said, every town/city has good and bad areas. I lived in the Hornsby Shire for a long time and like everywhere else there are some dodgy areas and dodgy people but it hasn’t stopped a massive population growth.
  7. That’s a bit harsh. I think every town/city have good and bad areas. The regional areas are attracting a lot of people from Sydney, including the well off, so maybe that’s the problem. Plus I don’t think councils/town planners can cope with the infrastructure needed for the growing population.
  8. Yeah, but what’s going on there that you don’t like. Not judging, just curious. 😏 They call Wellington, a town on the way to Dubbo, Antartica because of the ice. 😀
  9. I haven’t been there recently but why is Nowra on the list?
  10. I’ve not had many bikes in my time compared to some but currently own an Mtb and a road bike, both with disc brakes. On the roadie I have become a lot more confident in group riding and particularly descending with disc brakes but that could also be the geometry of the bike. The disc brakes certainly wear quicker as I’m on my 3rd set of resin pads on the front but still the original on the back in 17,500 kms but now trying metal pads on the front. It’s not the lightest or aero of bikes but for the road conditions and terrain and the riding I do I would never go back to rim brakes.
  11. As usual, Christmas is at our place. My wife, who is a good cook, always goes overboard with the food when we have visitors and this year we have our three sons, from Sydney and Dubbo, partners, and our two grandchildren coming to stay, which will be great. Unfortunately this year is going to be a time of mixed emotions as it’s probably the last time they will see their grandmother, my wife’s mother, who has pancreatic cancer and with the stepfather usually come for the family get together. They live nearby and its been a stressful few weeks as her health has declined and their is no
  12. This is my wife’s goal for our new dog who is in training, but due to covid things have not been easy. Their are so many things that you can do with dogs and in the past has competed in obedience, agility, tracking and endurance.
  13. Yep, first thing I noticed. When he stops using the fake tan he’s really given up. 🤞
  14. I’ve not had experience with tubeless tyres but It’s easy to put in the inner tubes as long as you have removable valves and when you finish your ride you leave the valves at the 4 o’clock position so the sealant doesn’t clog your valves or squirt out when you next pump up your tyres Most riders here run sealant in there inner tubes with clinchers or tubeless. I’ve even heard of parents taking their kids prams and bikes to the bike shop to get sealant or thicker tubes in the tyres because of punctures.
  15. Because of the cat heads and road conditions in Bathurst I ride clinchers with inner tubes and sealant. Other than a sticky valve sometimes, very rarely get flats. Yes it makes them slightly heavier, but I would rather have uninterrupted rides due to flats.
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