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  1. That’s great and a lot better than going to landfill. 👍
  2. fiftyplus

    Work stands.

    I have an Aldi workstand and it’s great for general cleaning, changing chains and tuning etc. and also use foam pads or similar around clamp to protect carbon.
  3. I realise that not all policemen/women are like this and in general they do a fantastic job under difficult circumstances, but sometimes I think they lose respect with unnecessary fines for minor infringements when a warning would have sufficed. I live in Bathurst and their are a lot of extra police in town this weekend due to the Bathurst 1000, even though their are restricted numbers on spectators. Cyclists are sometimes easy targets for the local police, but this morning, apparently, a group of runners got pinged and fined $78 each for not stopping and pressing the button at a cro
  4. Thanks. When designing logos you have to think of all the different ways it’s going to be used, as in digital, print and clothing. I like the typeface /font but as FatPom said it can be a bit faint depending on background. Maybe go a bit bolder with the type but keep the letter spacing as it can be hard to read if too tight. Be careful printing on a black background so don’t go too dark with the red and definitely not blue on black. Notice that the yellow key line around the circle works on black or dark background but gets lost on white background, so maybe go a bit thicker with that.
  5. As someone whose trade was in publishing/graphic arts and the importance of typefaces, I like it and was only thinking the other that it needed a change.
  6. Same here, saw him at the Club Champs a few times and always had a smile and friendly.
  7. Not saying it’s not true, but I’m just putting this out there. Was it a decoy/lookalike in the car. Who knows what Trump would do to downplay his illness 😂
  8. Was just going to put this up on the Mental Health Thread. Should be very interesting.
  9. All though it’s tempting to gloat and say I told you so, I hope Biden’s response to Trump and Melania catching Covid is that of a president with some compassion and maybe earn him some extra votes.
  10. Pretty much how I feel, but the result of the election doesn’t just affect America.
  11. I agree, and also scary. I feel for him, probably the toughest debate he’s had to moderate. What?
  12. Anyone watching the debate? Trump in full bully mode and not even letting the moderator ask his questions.
  13. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get government funding (they don’t get funding in the UK) but it’s the inequality of the funding. My understanding is the Federal Government funds private schools but allocates money/budget to the States and Territories to fund State/Public schools. Unfortunately, the States/Territories redirect that that money onto other projects (like a new sports stadium in NSW) and the schools miss out. I just think it’s wrong that the Church of England and Catholic schools get as much funding as they do when they don’t pay taxes and they could well afford to fu
  14. And the Federal Government continues to fund these very wealthy schools who don’t pay tax with our taxes. As has been stated, not all the kids are like this nor is it just a private/religious school or public school problem but the parents also have to take some responsibility instilling some respect into their kids.
  15. I have my opinions on Trump but if any on here get a chance to watch last Monday’s Q&A on IView, which was very equally balanced on both sides. It highlighted the confusion and divisiveness in the whole debate, with former Republican staff anti Trump and former Democrat staff pro Trump.
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