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  1. $500 a week will get you a lot these days. Rent has gone down about 15% over the past 12 months since a massive in flux in apartments in Gungahlin over the past year. They are shit house quality though, tiles falling off bathrooms 3 months after delivery, etc. I pay $480 for a 2 bedroom unit in Braddon and I reckon it'll be relisted at $420 a week after we move out. Been here 3 years. $500 will get you a sweet 2 bedroom place with double car spot near the city.
  2. Polls about to close? Any exit polls on the verdict?
  3. Wait till Palmer lets loose. What he has been saying so far has been restrained. Fark, it's online donkey kong.
  4. Jamie Siddons the first one who comes to mind. Also Ones who never played a test:- Jamie Cox Michael Di Venuto Jimmy Maher
  5. The best part is half these guys would walk into the current test team. First class average of 35, new test number 3!!!
  6. Awesome, Chee Quee gets a start. No Paul Nobes? No Wayne Holdsworth?
  7. Except no spot on IOC committee doesn't mean sport is thrown out of Olympics, just means McQuiad gets thrown off the gravy train. There is only 15 IOC slots, but many more sports than 15....
  8. Speaking of good beer at cheap prices, Aldi had 5L mini kegs of Paulaner for $30!! They also had German food and beer tasting multi packs for cheap. Great excuse to throw an Octoberfest party.
  9. Kogan 55inch Samsung, 100Hz, 3D LED $800
  10. Horner, you mean rider 15? Say it isn't so...
  11. Really?? Australian Whisky... It's only been open 20 years. Doesn't it take decades of batches to mature the casks to a level necessary to age the best whiskies?
  12. I've got $100 for a new bottle in the next few months. Last good bottle was about a year ago and was a 15 year glenlivet, but its almost gone. 12 year Glenfiddich is an old favourite. Any expert recommendations??? Must be single malt and not Islay (I.e. Peaty). Cheers in advance.
  13. FTP just under 4w/kg. An average aero position. If I have put in the kms in training, it's cold on race day, then about 73% was my best. It the training hadn't quite been there, then a couple of % less. If it was hotter (I didn't do well in heat) then a few percent less again.
  14. Generalization, but a good ball park target for someone without a strong background in swim or run. You won't find many sub 10 athletes (except for the ones who draft their arses off) far from the 4w/kg FTP and ~2.8w/kg race power. FTP around 4w/kg, race around 70% IF, therefore race at about 2.8w/kg. Racing an IM at 4w/kg would be what the strong male Pros ride (I.e. FTP around 5w/kg). Be a super swimmer and you can get away with a bit less. Be a super runner and 1h swimmer and you could get away with a fair bit less. Be super aerodynamic and you can ge away with a bit less again.
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