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  1. All the best for the crew heading over getting themselves into peak shape.
  2. I think for the croc control they reved up a couple of outboards on the tinnies really hard for about 5 minutes before the start to scare them off - seems to have worked cause I didnt hear that anyone saw an crocs :-)
  3. I preferred Cairns for the competitor as I like the warmer weather the bike and swim were spectacular - the only draw back was for the spectators with the split transition locations as the family didnt see me all day till I made it back in Cairns around 4pm. Though I did here that some spectators took a boat / ferry from Cairns to Port Douglas to see some of the ride and rated it. The officials made a point of talking to me once I finished which also was a nice touch.
  4. Hey guys - thought Challenge Cairns would cure me of the IM distance race itch being my third at this distance and thinking it would be my last. Funny thing is that it only enthused me more. For those of you thinking about visiting Cairns I was also suprised and blown away how spectacular the landscape is.
  5. Only if theres places left after I get a tax return which I doubt very much - going into the red to get to Cairns.
  6. IronKat

    IMOZ and 70.3

    I raced the 70.3 as I missed out on the entry for the full so it was good to get a race and support the IM crew. For the 70.3 competitors I dont think that there was a downside as all seemed to go well - obviously a lot of competition was missing from a normal half / 70.3 as they were doing the full IM. I did wonder how the competitors on the IM felt especially on the run with the 70.3 crew running at the same time. While running I thought of a few things and one was it would be poor form of me to walk and I was weary of the other competitors. At one stage I was pacing off another athelete at
  7. Wow - they are hard enough when you've trained so you will have to hang tough, if I see you out there will definately give you a wave.
  8. IronKat

    Todays Training

    As Balri mentioned tuff day in Bris Vegas with strong winds - long ride followed by 12K amble. They resurfaced a road between Redland Bay and Logan think it was better before they started WTF.
  9. Sounds like a great location, send a race report when you finish.
  10. IronKat

    I'm Angry.

    Laugh - Dont burn up to much energy before you start ;-)
  11. IronKat


    Yeah - whats with the immune system and bugs, I always end up with a cold comming off a large build into a taper. I was thinking maybe it was coz my body had all this extra energy so it started looking for things to nuke - over reacting. Also note my injuries are more isolated hurt in specific areas rather than all over.
  12. How do you reckon we will go getting all the bikes on the planes - do you have to pre arrange your bike with the airlines ?
  13. 1) Sub 5 at the 70.3 at Port 2) To relax and enjoy an IM not to stress the whole day :-) 3) Sub 11 at Cairns
  14. Yeah good question, I ride 23mm no particular reason middle of the road I guess. I asked the guys I train with the same question last year they didnt seem to know to much about what brand of tyres that they were riding let alone the width (laugh) think that there mums must buying the tyres for them.
  15. Dragged the kids out of bed this morning and copped a bit for getting them up so early took them down to the bay - picture perfect morning and they had a ride and run with a couple of other kids. They enjoyed it once they go going so I thought it was worth the effort. Then did a brick with some adults and bigger kids about 21k and 3k, dont usually do sprint work so it took it out of me a bit. We were all going for a swim this arvo but someone mentioned the shops and the family disappeared so a lazy 15k ride to the pool 1.5k swim then an even lazier ride home fortunately there was a tail wind.
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