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  1. The Excitement Machine is in!
  2. Corporate VPN is the way to go if you have that ability. Beyond that I'm not sure
  3. Can raise that to a bloke with a footlong subway. Would have been great after spending all night in a special needs bag
  4. Car keys in the pocket add an easy 5 kilos, don't worry about it!
  5. Tilly

    Seeking Advice

    I've got a Deuter, it's got the mesh thing against your back which lets a bit of airflow through, and it has an inbuilt rain cover that zips away in the bottom, so if you get caught in the rain the bag can be covered and stay dry. Had it for about 4 years and it's still going strong
  6. At 5 bucks a kg your car would be costing you $7500 a year. Looks like your bike rego is going to be seriously cheap
  7. Tilly

    CJ McCormack

    He would have gone all the way though...
  8. Tilly

    Try this smoothie

    Why the gelatine?
  9. I have a QR but got it after a fitting and was told they are better for people with long legs and short torsos, so may not be the best bet
  10. Tilly


    So are there 5 sharks or just 1 really stupid one?
  11. If you still wanted a slot could you potentially enter as a team and do all three legs yourself?
  12. Tilly

    OT : Dear Ricky...

    Great win but I think several of the batsmen need a bit of time in the room of mirrors. Siddle showed what a bit of patience and valuing your wicket can do. Should at least keep Hauritz out of the spotlight/pressure for a while which should do him good
  13. Tilly

    OT : Dear Ricky...

    Watson to 6, give Rogers another go opening I reckon. Watson is getting the runs but still doesn't inspire confidence against the new ball.
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