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  1. Arpit


    Terrible from Smith - he needs to visit the house of mirrors. Lyon has taken 9 wickets - only behind starc. If Starc (another bowler) was not around - his merry oversized bat men would be chasing 900 and getting out within 150.
  2. Smart Professional. No jeans - only pants Ironed shirt, sports jacket or coat Polished shoes Get a haircut, trims the beard - proper shave otherwise Good watch if you have it - none of these ugly sports watches. a man who cant look after himself shall not be trusted to look after multi million dollar equipment.
  3. I'm visiting family after another yr playing with my little 2 yr old nephew. Life is fun
  4. SO is hayne going to continue his glorious tradition ? every team he is associated to ends up getting the wooden spoon
  5. whatever you do do not buy anything Beats by Dr. Dre.
  6. Arpit

    Rebel Wilson

    she made fun of one direction... no one makes fun of one direction
  7. Ensuite or a built in ? I have a similar dilemma. Really want an ensuite but either I take the corridor behind the room or get rid of the built in and use a tall boy and use that space for a shower and shitter...
  8. Will Abbott turn bull make for compelling tv series. I really enjoyed the killing season on abc
  9. haha - one company I'm invested in will be laughing with such low aud. Actually all the aussie gold miners are also making huge profits with the cost of gold in aud close to the GFC levels. Not good for me trying to buy good manufactured overseas though. All imported stuff will soon start costing way too much
  10. Will be purifying the house this saturday with lots of alcohol - main party to follow after I get off my baked beans and 89c toast diet and actually manage to buy some furniture. If you are coming down this way - plenty of room to stretch legs.
  11. yes recently seen another surge in house buying in Newcastle although at lower prices than advertised. I negotiated them down 20k - but another place nearby actually went for 10k more than the asking price. Another mate is looking to buy a place and all the places he has been have been off the market. Dont know what is driving it - newcastle is a pretty mining centered town.
  12. Geez a bit quite in here - whats going on fellas ? I'll jump start it back again. Just got the keys for my first house yesterday - 4 bed with massive manshed. 8 yrs ago I came to Aus with nothing. Not bad going. Now just need to install a 9.1 surround sound system and I'll be set.
  13. Arpit

    nick kyriois

    Nick is a dick He needs to take time off tennis. All this constant attention is not doing him any good.
  14. what an epic fail by Red Bull to try to capitalize on Mick's misfortune by sticking a can of that horrible drink in his hand during his return press conference. What losers. Who drinks that ghastly stuff anyway.
  15. http://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/world-reacts-to-badass-fannings-shark-attack/story-fno61i58-1227448609474 Shark has got a point too
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