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  1. if you havent bought it why dont you consider upgrading your existing computer's HDD to SSD and RAM to the maximum limit it would go to - it would save you considerable amount. www.ramcity.com.au - I bought a 512 GB SSD and 8GB ram for my missus 2009 macbook unibody a while ago. From not working at all to running like brand new with the latest Apple software. Only think I would change later is the battery which is still going ok after 7+ yrs in usage. Reliability wise apple is tops but others are not so bad either. Change hardrive and Ram is dead easy.
  2. definitely a dream not only fallen off the bandwagon - actually got crushed by it. Only saving grace is that I haven't put on weight this time. By staying away from Wheat mainly and changing from Soy milk to A2 milk (lesser of the 2 evils). Well definitely not a athlete physique for sure. House renovations are done (almost) - the old itch needs to be scratched again.
  3. Arpit


    Terrible from Smith - he needs to visit the house of mirrors. Lyon has taken 9 wickets - only behind starc. If Starc (another bowler) was not around - his merry oversized bat men would be chasing 900 and getting out within 150.
  4. Wow - so much coke love - not meant as a dig but it explains the re occuring biggest loser threads... Over the last couple of years I havve completely gone off fizzy drinks of any kind - the sugary stuff makes me feel all wrong. the sugar levels are unbelievable in them.
  5. Never late to buy a motor bike and getting a skull tattooo
  6. Smart Professional. No jeans - only pants Ironed shirt, sports jacket or coat Polished shoes Get a haircut, trims the beard - proper shave otherwise Good watch if you have it - none of these ugly sports watches. a man who cant look after himself shall not be trusted to look after multi million dollar equipment.
  7. You are tired - just stop and walk - smell the roses. Its a sport for fun - never forget that.
  8. Oppo R7 and R7 Plus both sim live at the same time. Lg G4 I think is another one. But one sim will run 2G which is scheduled to be switched off in 2017 or 18.
  9. Arpit

    UFC 193

    So hate boxing too?
  10. I'm visiting family after another yr playing with my little 2 yr old nephew. Life is fun
  11. Anyone else enjoys the sadistic pleasure of picking the long thick nose hairs...
  12. The fast charging is genius with USB c. For a large battery its very quick to get to 100%. The only thing I could have asked for some more features is the camera. Takes good photos but the lack of optical stabilization is an annoyance.
  13. I was on Iphone 4 - flogged it for 5 yrs and it is still going ok - I will reboot it - change battery and give to my aunt when I'm back in India soon. The nexus 6p is same size as iphone 6S plus - at a lower plan. I couldnt justify $100/month when I'm not a big user. Nexus is warming up to me very fast. The display is nice, and fast charging is superb, the Doze function of marshmallow is very nifty addition as well. there are some apps which are unavailable in Android but I've learnt to live with them now.
  14. I ended up getting the nexus 6p. Very schmick so far. Pure Android is surprisingly very easy on the eye.
  15. Bvlgari Serpente Tubogas... problem solved
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