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  1. Wish I could swim as bad as Lionel!
  2. batman

    Jai Hindley

    Agreed, and all the skinny drugs they're on make them all look the same, like robotic praying mantids
  3. Great tribute Paul, I remember your Mum from the olden days of triathlon and was also swept downstream at that Wisemans Ferry race, was thinking about her recently after reading a post of yours and wondered whatever happened to her.😪
  4. Haha, not mine, my seat used to be about an inch above the Cinelli stem, still have the old girl and it's the most comfortable bike I have, it's also the slowest.
  5. I just can't get over the drop from saddle to drops these days, would snap my creaky old back in half.
  6. Still chasing a Coke one, they're a bit rare
  7. The wife stopped smoking aged 30, took up running for a few years, then tri and became age group silver medallist aged 30 and winning worlds twice after that. She hates smoking now and works in the local hospital where quite a few nurses go on regular cigarette breaks throughout the day.
  8. As a non smoker I had 1 big puff while backpacking in Jordan or Syria a long time ago, sat me on my arse snd never tried it again.
  9. just tried to pm you but it comes up as saying you cannot receive messages. I could be doing something wrong, I'm not too brilliant at this technical stuff.
  10. Any luck there Goughy?
  11. Got me a Mans bike. Well it gets to the shops and pool. Top speed about 75-80
  12. Thanks Goughy, that's great, I'll send a reminder. Hope your rafters are warmer than ours, it's snowing outside.
  13. Anybody got any 9 speed Dura Ace stuff they won't be using? I'm restoring an old Avanti I've had since the 90's with some better stuff than it came with, have cranks,BB and front derailleur but that's about it so far, this stuff seems pretty scarce out here in the sticks. Anything considered. Cheers.
  14. Husky Sprint Tri. Great weekend, will it happen this season??
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