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  1. We've used Booking for 2 extended overseas trips and along with airbnb, never had a problem with any of them.(yet).
  2. Just listened to Greg Bennett’s latest with Macca, another mention of non selection for Sydney, that must be every episode
  3. If he stopped talking about himself and “ my wife Laura” for half the podcast it might be a bit more listenable, same reminiscing every week, lost count how many times he’s told his story on missing out on the Sydney Olympics
  4. Anyone read Emma Carney's book yet?
  5. batman

    Bike Fitters

    Thanks fellers, will look into them, how do I find Ryan?
  6. batman

    Bike Fitters

    I know this has come up before but I can't find it. Looking for a reputable bike fitter that you have personally used in the Sydney area,would need road and TT done. I know there was a bloke in Penrith but he seems to have disappeared. TIA
  7. Thanks Bosco, been trying to get there for several years but things have always conspired against me, looking forward ti it
  8. Hey Callum, I'm a pretty useless mountain biker but have nevertheless entered the Snowy Trex off road tri, any idea how technical the bike course is? I've seen all the You Tube videos but they are only a snapshot of a handful of sections.
  9. Snowy Mts Trex off road tri and that will probably be all.
  10. In Jan 2019, 121 drug cheats had been caught in retests from the London games.31 were Russian. Being Australian doesn't mean you don't cheat, no matter how "nice" a person you appear.
  11. Wish I could swim as bad as Lionel!
  12. batman

    Jai Hindley

    Agreed, and all the skinny drugs they're on make them all look the same, like robotic praying mantids
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