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  1. I have a full length, full sleeve wetsuit that needs a new home. It's barely been used, 5-7 times in total. Suit woman size 10-12, between 5'4" and 5'9" at best guess. It's awesome to swim in, great range of shoulder motion. $900 new, asking $275.
  2. Jaybarts


    Nope, not that either, can't tolerate any artificial sweetener. Have contacted infinit, thanks for the tip.
  3. Jaybarts


    Does anyone know of an electrolyte formula that is fructose and sorbitol/xylitol free that they can recommend please?
  4. Husband combined with mash hammer, brute force and ignorance seemed to do the trick
  5. So I've got my cardboard box, getting everything ready to go and there is no way in hell that I can get my pedals off, any tips?
  6. Can anyone tell me whether you can take your bike as luggage (boxed of course) on small regional Qantas aircraft? If so, what's the process other than pull your bike apart and put it in a box and show up at the airport? I've tried to find out directly from Qantas what is required but they've not been able to advise adequately. Those who've flown into Port I assume would know as similar planes fly into there.
  7. I'm in Sydney for work for a couple of days this week and would like to ride between the work location and where I am staying. Can anyone help map a route between Eastlakes and Camperdown please? As low traffic as possible while still being practical.
  8. Run a tacking stitch around the edge of the hole then either sew the edges closed or darn it.
  9. Nothing wrong with a Pump water bottle from the servo or supermarket. Good fit for your cage and it doesn't matter if you have to ditch them in a race, you get to swap them for better bidons (anyone notice the ones from Port Mac half give the water a funky taste if the water is in there for more than an hour?
  10. Cupcake, it's something that you will eventually learn to live and train with. Just keep up with your prevention regime, taping really is the key (for me anyway), ice them after a big session, keep up the strengthening. If you're inclined to wear heels for work, don't, stick with flats, they really are your worst enemy. I found it took quite some time to recover from a big flare up. I don't often experience flare ups anymore, but do have regular low grade discomfort which is the thing you learn to live with.
  11. Even with a fitting and shoes that fit and proper cleat position, sometimes it still happens. The question is whether it is neural or vascular in origin.
  12. Jaybarts


    Trannies gold PMSL
  13. Yes you kick from the hip. A simple little technique is to tap your big toes together as you kick, stops you from cow kicking.
  14. Owning a little responsibility isn't all bad, it helps to give you a little bit of control and not feel quite so helpless when the world doesn't make sense and feels really scary and unfair.
  15. Happy wife, happy life
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