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    TA Membership

    Most 1/2IM you can enter without licence but as stated you then can't qualify for IMOZ. Insurance should not be promoted as benefit of joining. I haven't read all the fine print but it would be useless for me. I don't have a coach or follow a program set by a coach, I train mostly by myself and often use my commute to and from work as training. Under these circumstances I am not covered. I will still become a member of TA but just wish they'd promote the other benefits other than insurance.
  2. bigdog


    That's great news about the swim, but I prefered the run on the 3 laps. I would guess that it would go further past the hospital way as there is plenty of road and a cycle path along the beach there.
  3. Coghead, look have been doing a similar system on their track bikes for a few years look track bike
  4. bigdog

    Giro - stage 2

    He'll be a starter in the tour. That was one of the reasons he went to Lotto/Domo and I think that's why he's not doing the Giro, so he can concentrate on his lead up to the TDF. There are 4 Aussies at Lotto/Domo this year and I'm guessing that each will get a start in the tour (as long as they're in form of course) as I read somewhere that Robbie gets what Robbie wants!!!
  5. Are you talking about Jason Shortis? Haven't heard a thing about retirement and from what I've heard through the grapevine is that the only reason he's been a bit quiet of late is injury/illness and that he's getting back into it. Edit. Ahh, thinking about it does K2 mean after Kona this year??? Will still wait and see. I think the changes would be because this was Macca's first success with Asics and I guess Cannibal are going with the Forster Success as well. They'll change again if one of their athletes wins Hawaii or WA or some other important race.
  6. The difference should be very little, if any. IMG ran a great race in Busselton and in my opinion it was just as good as Forster.
  7. bigdog

    Battle Royales

    The racing is still exciting but it has become more tactical and too many races within races. Selection for world champs, commonwealth games and Olympic games has an impact. Take for instance Mooloolaba ITU on the weekend. Simon Thompson was able to get away on the bike as he already had his world champ. spot. All of the other Aussies (except Matt Hopper) sat around watching each other and although the pace was still on, the minor place getters were all together at the start of the run.
  8. bigdog

    Geelong 1/2 IM

    I remember a year or so ago this being talked about. Does anyone know if it is still on the cards or why it didn't happen? I'd enjoy doing a 1/2 around the Bellarine Peninsular.
  9. I'm with you Hymie, I can't stand that one. A mate who is new to management has started useing it and I nearly pissed myself laughing One I'm getting sick of is ........not
  10. bigdog

    Teacher jailed

    I work around kids and it can be a real eye opener sometimes hearing what they know and talk about. They have a lot more knowledge of sex and at a younger age.
  11. Thanks guys, and keep the info coming. We've already got Headlamps, camelbacks are lined up I think. It's all on fire trails so it will probably be a mixture of rough and smoother surfaces. Alternating shoes sounds like the go, I'll have to get another pair soon.
  12. bigdog

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Mooloolaba Tri Photos
  13. I'm doing a walk through the forest, (just under 100km) and was wondering what sort of gear people reccomend. Specifically shoes, do people wear the trail runner style or just normal runners? What about clothing? It will be cold at night but probably warm during the day and there are a few 'aid stations' where support crew can meet us. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. $10.75 But it's worth it for the content
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