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  1. Yeah, I like the idea. Who wants to travel to a destination to do a flat sprint race? This makes it more interesting. And 17% over a short distance is ok
  2. You can donate $0 and watch I believe. I registered and $0 was an option. It is weird that if you do want to donate it is at least $35AUD. They should have had lower options in there.
  3. Awesome. Yes, the sign should just say, no swimming, pretty gross 😂 I swam in there with a wetsuit once. Similar to shep, but colder
  4. Whoah, wait. There was a triathlon at Lilydale lake? Awesome. They have signs there now saying no swimming, shallow water, deep water, strong currents (possibly true if you swam out all the way to the outlet). Lol
  5. Fair. But 40k and a year ban is pretty serious stuff for a pro triathlete. And while he didn't tweet about his treatment he did put it on the race form. Really should have taken more care, the risk of having the TUE knocked back was clearly too high.
  6. https://www.theage.com.au/national/kathy-jackson-spared-immediate-jail-term-over-brazen-selfish-fraud-20201126-p56i61.html Someone please tell me she is at least fined $150k or something? What is the point of prosecuting someone if you remove any penalty if they plead guilty?
  7. That's interesting - always two sides. Seems very poor judgement to race. But the whole TUE process seems pretty crazy. And the punishment extreme.
  8. That is just hopeless. What a wholly disproportionate response to someone who is clearly trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile if you WANT to dope you are probably getting away with it. Makes you wonder what the point is sometimes, doesn't it.
  9. Yeah, given the stupidity of doing one in each state (involving the first two I for sure give him 50. I'm not sure it will never happen. It probably should never happen though lol. Kinda nuts. I wonder how much of the deterioration was from all the moving around and crappy sleep for IC, and if you chose one location, two courses, and just knocked them out day by day and slept/ate all the other time if it isn't possible. Hawaii/alaska honestly. And I think IC's wife is as crazy as him. Their family gave up a crap load for his Ironman endeavours. I only hope his fame publicity has p
  10. https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/guinness-record-book-farmer-to-do-staggering-100-ironman-triathlons-in-100-days-16488 This is his website. I don't see anything on there so he probably hasn't started? http://ryszardkalaczynski.pl/ It's a crazy target. Esp at 60. The iron cowboy is fascinating as he did one in each state per day and the travel and sleep issues were brutal. Doing one every day on the same location would be so so much easier* *But still stupid crazy
  11. Hmmm. So I'm coming around. Do you need more than 10 months to train, and will extending it to close to two years away help or hinder your motivation.
  12. 2022 sounds good/wise. This doesn't look like the kind of event you want to rush preparation for, and there is probably a reason it is usually held in June not September. I think if you really want to do it, it will motivate you to train for the next 18 months and you'll show up and finish well. I don't think I could do multi day running events. Brutal on the body. most races I struggle to walk properly the next few days ha ha.
  13. I am not sure this is the right thread FP. I saw little in that video that resembled an actual trail And.... good luck! Fully mad, heaps of suffering - should be great
  14. Sounds like I just need new wheels But that's an expensive solution to tubes
  15. I am totally impressed/amazed and slightly concerned. That's hardcore mileage at this age.
  16. dazaau


    It's heady time to be Premier. Not only do most people in your state now know who you are, amazingly, so do people in other states! Some Citizens even tune into your press conferences. Unprecedented. Rockstars
  17. Yeah, I'm reevaluating this tubeless thing. Might be better off with tubes with some goop inside them. I diy plugged my tyre and it's looking good. Problem is on the side of the road rims lose their seal and then getting them back on is really hard, with c02 a minimum, but often not enough. And then if I want to pop a tube in... It's so hard - i broke a lever and it took me forever just to get them on when I first bought them! Maybe I could carry an air-compressor with me 😂
  18. dazaau


    All the best to you South Australians. The lockdown is pretty brutal but hopefully short. Take care of yourselves in lockdown!
  19. dazaau


    Did someone say private security guard and Hotel Quarantine in the same sentence 😮 please tell me it wasn't organised on Whatsapp
  20. dazaau


    On balance I think short and sharp is better than the long long Victorian winter model More along the lines of the kiwi model.
  21. Peaks challenge Falls creek Giro Della Donna I have a local mountain that I have unfinished business with that needs taking care of Maybe an everesting if I'm not broken Yes, I went for a run today and I don't think I can call myself a runner anymore, not even a triathlete 😮 maybe next season
  22. dazaau


    Surprised it is that low to be honest. 66% are going to tell their relatives to wear masks inside at their private Thanksgiving dinner? I doubt that!
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