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  1. Ok, but what about the rest of us who think we are animals if we get a few 250k weeks in ha ha
  2. Yeah that's crap and a totally inefficient outcome. And if you are managing well your staff don't need to ask for a payrise. Progress them or lose them.
  3. Or ride less, everyone except you will be happier 😅
  4. dazaau


    Yes, it's fair to say that are not in control, Australia don't have much to bargain with either. Our road out of this will be complicated, that is for sure.
  5. dazaau


    You do realise those two countries A: invented the vaccines, and can look after themselves B: Really need them cause it's rampant
  6. dazaau

    Pro Cycling 2021

    So anyone staying up for tonight? I think it's worth it, should be over just after 1am. Despite everyone scratching their heads as to why Jumbo Visma let McNaulty go, I think Roglic has them where he wants them. He can attack late and put 25s into Naulty and that won't leave enough road for Pog to take the 24s over roglic he needs. But will Pog attack his own team mate? Good times
  7. Yes, the real roads are free. They have paid upgrades like training plans and other stuff but the core of it is free.
  8. Wax as in remove your chain, submerge in warm wax and then reinstall on bike when dry. Depends how lazy you are 😛 I should do it as my wife hates the grease I somehow always get on me every time I go near my bike 😳
  9. Rock n roll gold is actually pretty good. Easy to use and efficient. Squirt is apparently slightly, and I mean slightly, more efficient. Not sure how it is to use.
  10. dazaau

    Pro Cycling 2021

    I'm looking forward to the Tour! Go Roglic. Interesting JV let McNaulty go. I think to Roglic Pog is the only other racer our there, everything else is just noise - he will slay the rest on the final mountain
  11. RGT is free, and while not as entertaining as zwift it sounds like it would do you no problems. As others have said they all will have free trials as well. While the core is super quiet, compared to your current on wheel trainer most will be a lot quieter. If you want to save some money look at an Elite Suito or Direto. Tacx flux too. Brevity is not his forte but if you skip to mid-high end trainers here it may be useful https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/11/smart-cycle-trainer-recommendations-guide-winter.html/amp Good luck!
  12. I'm still sick and stuck at home off the bike. It's killing me. What else can I do but think of crazy ways to go faster lol.
  13. dazaau


    The million dollar question is will getting the vaccine make any real difference in you going OS? I can't see them abandoning quarantine for quite some time yet...
  14. dazaau


    The vaccine isn't banned. No one has to take the pill. So, bit odd. The risky group is mostly over that age, so it doesn't present an immediate supply issue. Plenty of arms to go into. Those who want it will probably find it easier to get it later on if they are happy with the tiny risk. Like Peter. It restores faith in the process which is very important And I'm not currently in a hurry and I'll now get the vaccine that is in every conceivable way better, so yay for me. 😉
  15. dazaau


    I'm honestly surprised the Qld cluster didn't explode over Easter. They couldn't have been sure they got everyone I don't think, but it appears to have paid off. And you'll never get sympathy from Victorians on your mask wearing rules. We have seen too much ha ha.
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