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  1. dazaau


    I don't think you can blame journalism for the fact Dan does daily pressos.
  2. And rumours about wireless as SRAM is eating market share.
  3. I hear shimano are releasing a wireless version soon. I understand Mollema had some words in a working review for SRAM if you youtube I really have no idea but I've read the advantages of the wireless system in set up and when batteries go flat. I'm still on campy mechanical so I am an outlier
  4. dazaau


    There are no international Arrivals into Melbourne though. And the state borders are open. We are the high risk ones so the focus had been keeping us locked in
  5. dazaau


    I'm honestly (pleasantly) surprised at the sharp drop off in numbers here.
  6. dazaau


    Taiwan seem to have retained movement and contained the virus. They had a pandemic plan in place before it hit though, and have a high distrust of China and the WHO won't talk to them in case it upsets China - so they had all that in their favour
  7. Have you considered an ebike? Just a thought I think a road bike is totally worth the money and while I have a TT bike I only train on it when coming up to a race, and just enough to make sure I'm used to the position. Road bike is so so much more enjoyable to ride. TT bikes are twitchy, nasty, unsafe and uncomfortable things I'd probably get a nice road bike second hand whose groupset isn't shot.
  8. Tri bike for commute. Just No. What's wrong with the hybrid? With the right tyres it shouldn't be much slower unless there are climbs and it's heavy.
  9. dazaau


    I leaned long ago not to try and apply any consistency to restrictions.
  10. Cheers, thanks. I recall getting some lessons to improve my technique as I swam and had lessons for ages when I was young, but my technique is not good. The woman giving lessons was also helping a guy who also wanted to finish an Ironman. He couldn't swim. At all. Massive respect to him learning to swim at age 40. You take for granted how hard it is to overcome the panic when you can can't swim. People fear, quite reasonably, that they will sink - and this fear causes the very sinking that you fear.
  11. I'm confused. Are you saying it's harder to swim 4k then run 42? I really don't think that's true. I guess it's true if you just don't know how to swim, and maybe that true of a lot of people? I think just a lot less people want to swim 4k. Many people, of all abilities, identify with the challenge of a marathon. Swimming? No. I've no idea who is fitter, but the swim takes up such a small part of the event that you can be the best swimmer in the world and a good land lover will haul you back in over the 7-8 hours of running and riding to follow.
  12. dazaau


    Look, I think part of the reason is that it has spread so rampantly through the community. It's very hard to put it back in the bottle. Especially with a long "soft" lockdown as opposed to a short hard one. Many people get no symptoms. While we are in lockdown many people are still doing their jobs, moving around etc. I hope I am wrong but it seems we are bottoming out on the number improvements at this level of lockdown. I hope I am wrong, I really do. I am pretty over it and I am one of the least affected. It must be very hard for many, many Victorians.
  13. dazaau


    So, for those watching in Vic, the two week average of new cases has stopped going down, and is now going back up again. Double digit days are the norm. Not good for Victorians, and also not good for the country. Sucks.
  14. Democratic nominee Joe Biden said the only way he could lose the 2020 election was through “chicanery,” before later adding he would accept the results of the election. "Make sure to vote,” the former vice president told voters at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, “Because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.” So, what does it say about the greatest democracy on earth, when everyone running for president says that the result can be manipulated and isn't to be trusted. The only thing the candidates agree on is that whoever wins the re
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