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  1. We want you to change your companies product name. And, if you do change it, we would like to pick the new name too!
  2. And, even then, pros like Tom D preferred to stay on the TT rig
  3. equipment providers who couldn't provide a TT bike with functioning brakes? Iden's story sounds a tad bizarre!
  4. dazaau


    Yesterday from Mark McGowen Today from Mark McGowen
  5. I also note his organisation and PR appears on par with last time so far. He may have announced it but Google doesn't know about it, or his website, or Twitter. Just insta I guess 😒
  6. Well, that 50 was fully nuts. And it isn't career ending for him. He made an actual career out of it. Not saying a good one but it's what he wanted. And it's not like be hasn't done a triathlon for 6 years lol. He's been keeping fit. 100 in 100. Yikes. But at least he can sleep this time. Still.... Nuts. At least his family won'ts suffer as much this time.
  7. dazaau


    I'm surprised it took that long. If you have a covid case, any covid case, in your state, you can assume WA will throw you out or lock you down. If it's a UK super bug and they have locked down Brissy then, well, yeah.
  8. Right, the national anthem about theft and suicide
  9. Totally nuts. Bring it on ha ha He is one of the few people for which it stacks up. He basically makes a living from it. For almost anyone else the value proposition just doesn't stack up.
  10. This seems like good advice. I also think 20hrs is quite a lot. When I did Ironman I was single, young (25), had flexible hours, and was dedicated - and I had a few 20hr plus weeks I think. If you are just aiming to complete it seems overkill, and if you are wanting to go fast I'd suggest focusing on more specific training (like speed). My ironman time was just under 11hrs. I got sick just before sadly, overtraining I'd say 😉 I honestly believe I would have gone faster with a bit less pushing of the limits. And my word was I sick after. On an average of 9-12hrs per week in the four m
  11. dazaau

    Kickr V3

    Edit: I realise tha is that your current trainer. In which case yes, just getting away from wheel on trainers is a big leap I imagine. I will never ever go back to wheel on again.
  12. What is people's issue with girt by sea?
  13. dazaau


    my brother was supposed to leave today. Stayed home. It's all very well going but it is risky if like my sister in WA they count backwards and then tell you to self quarantine up there. Or, alternatively, Vic gets on top of this outbreak and a new one crops up in QLD and then Dan makes you quarantine to get home. So much easier to stay in your state 😕
  14. dazaau


    They rang me back 😮 amazing. This is the email they provided over the phone to me to send details of departure to 🤣🤣 took forever to say over the phone. He was also very particular to point out which were capitals and which were not in the e-mail address, and I didn't have the heart to tell him the internet doesn't care Covid-19businesscontinuityreplysmail@police.wa.gov.au
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