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  1. You all miss him. You know it. That's why he comes up so often. Gets his own threads. Hill repeats in the rain and worming are permanent parts of the cultural fabric of this place
  2. Ha ha, probably the majority of triathlon participants get serious and then move on in less time than that Got to keep having fun.
  3. Yes, enjoy. The only piece of equipment that I think will improve your overall experience is a pair of tri shorts. Life is just better with them They don't need to be flash. It's straightforward really. You swim (don't go out too hard), you ride a bike, and then you run. Wear socks. It takes time to put them on, but unless you are used to riding and running without them - it sucks. Enjoy!
  4. dazaau


    Not contagious, but body still shedding traces of the neutralised virus though. Gets picked in in tests as they are very sensitive.
  5. good for you. I am too afraid ha ha. My bike handling skills are also.... average.
  6. That's a lot of coin to put on the line for crit racing.
  7. Oh, and I am sure there is NEVER a transaction fee specifically for a refund. She is just scamming you there.
  8. https://www.commbank.com.au/business/pds/customer_merchant_agreement.pdf I believe PayPal don't charge credit card fees on refund transactions. You get it all back and the seller incurs no net cost for the transaction from my limited experience. I imagine banks are the same. Plus see the above. She is either ignorant or dodgy as I reckon.
  9. We want you to change your companies product name. And, if you do change it, we would like to pick the new name too!
  10. And, even then, pros like Tom D preferred to stay on the TT rig
  11. equipment providers who couldn't provide a TT bike with functioning brakes? Iden's story sounds a tad bizarre!
  12. dazaau


    Yesterday from Mark McGowen Today from Mark McGowen
  13. I also note his organisation and PR appears on par with last time so far. He may have announced it but Google doesn't know about it, or his website, or Twitter. Just insta I guess 😒
  14. Well, that 50 was fully nuts. And it isn't career ending for him. He made an actual career out of it. Not saying a good one but it's what he wanted. And it's not like be hasn't done a triathlon for 6 years lol. He's been keeping fit. 100 in 100. Yikes. But at least he can sleep this time. Still.... Nuts. At least his family won'ts suffer as much this time.
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