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  1. Awesome - i think something like this is the such a great idea! Some Random ones depending on where you have it: Charlotte's Web Lake to Summit Deadhorse Banjo's Bash
  2. That is a seriously meaty ride right there!!
  3. Heading down Down south this weekend. Looking at the best route to get down there. Any suggestions ? Cheers John
  4. Did this on Friday.. Started at Waterfall. Was circa 120km. Ride the Gong Was great - Going along Grand Pacific Drive had few people with no teeth abuse me - Ride from Albion to the was was pretty dodgy but was in no rush, so just pulled over when there was no shoulder and semi bearing down on me - Macquaire pass was tough, the handfull of rides i had done coupled with the heat was showed how shit my riding had become - The run from mac pass to Robertson was farked!!- The run to Bowral the road was a but of goat track but wasnt a bad day. 5hr 20min.. good times!
  5. Didnt get to do this last time as the old man got sick. Giving it a go tomorrow. Getting train to Sutherland > Wollongong > Bowral will be might route...Will be taking it easy though!!! Havnt ridden this far for a few years so its going to hurt...
  6. So you reckon The Hume is the way to go ? Best way to get on to the Hume from Bondi with out getting collected by a car? Sorry for the questions, but my knowledge of these rides is minimal as i usually ride RNP or kurnell.
  7. Hey guys, Havnt been on here for a while as i have been inured. Looking at the possibility of cycling to Bowral from the city on Friday and possible options as i'm going down there for weekend. Not looking to set any records, just a cruise ride. Feedback would be great
  8. I went to claim 50 million in lotto the other night... It was rejected
  9. Sweet work guys!! Great stuff. Really like Chris, I think he should become a regular!!!
  10. wow!! what a dominant race by crowie!!
  11. I have him on the final leg of a multi bet to win $290-$10 @ $29.00
  12. Vettel a chance of winning tonight?
  13. Yep, great club. Caters to all levels. I would avoid Bondi unless you like to be screamed at.
  14. I think John Stephenson is a good chance
  15. Is he still training with Sean?
  16. I am a firm believer that if AB rocked up an ran with an aero helmet and it was "Triathlon Distance" 10km he would have ran sub 26min and set a world record....
  17. Lance never had any evidence, it was all a conspiracy... the only clean athletes are aussies..
  18. In the process of looking for new TV as my last one has is about to shit its pants. Looking at something about 42-52 inch and cant believe how cheap some are $600-$800. I watch a lot of sport but im thinking is spending $1500-$2000 on a TV really worth it?
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