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  1. I have got my hands on a Wahoo snap and am a complete noob when it comes to technology. Apart from the Wahoo Fitness app, is there other free workouts you can use ? I really need to do some investigating/learn somewhere. Locations ??? Thanks
  2. No word from on this and only 2 weeks to go. It sounds like it is not on this year. anyone ?
  3. Hoover

    Beer Mile

    Anything from Coffs Pete yet about the Port Beer Mile ? It's only 4 weeks away.
  4. Hoover

    Tour de Cure

    Great stuff fat boy. I'm in for a few coins.
  5. Maybe the Forster bus has moved. FM
  6. It looks almost like catch up.
  7. Hoover


    GOLDEN STATE ARE THROUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bit of a cheating draft-fest under the rules.
  9. Hoover

    Old IMOZ Medal

    Thanks Roxii. Also, thanks for the offer of your other 27 medal Ivp. Sorry they don't mean anything to you. His wife loves him and is looking to show that by the surprise.
  10. Hoover

    Old IMOZ Medal

    A mate's wife is looking to frame a number of his medals as a surprise present. However he is missing his IMOZ medal from 2000. Does anyone know if you can order from somewhere ? Thanks
  11. I have a brand new, never used, still in the box Polar M400 (pink) with GPS, HRM and bluetooth (received as a present). I have seen them for up to $270 but as low as $199 - here ==>https://www.thepolarshop.com.au/polar-m400-pink Yours for $150 plus any postage and handling from Sydney. Have a read of the link. Let me know if interested. Hoover.
  12. Spoke with the big fella this morning. He is fine. He is more annoyed that disappointed. He had set himself some goals for the 2015/2016 season and the #1 goal, which was totally in his hands, he failed miserably. Sure, the times for him were fairly good (all things considering) but the major goal was not achieved and this was the catalyst of trying to achieve other goals. He usually just takes the piss out of stuff and rarely vents at anything. This probably just shows frustration at having our own failings. Live and learn I say. He always says Trannies was great (that's how I got on
  13. Is there any video footage for this year yet ?
  14. So the roll call for the 2 preliminary races are up. Who's in for this ?
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