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  1. I saw one two weeks ago.....a wobbygong.......must have been errrr five inches at least.
  2. Royal National Park (RNP) has two entry points heading South from Sutherland. One at Loftus which takes you through Audley via Artillery Hill and to turn offs to several beaches. I'm not a fan of this route as it can be relatively busy but only locals and day trippers and no shoulder but many ride it. I prefer the Southern entry at Waterfall and Head South down Waterfall Hill and through RNP to Bald Hill and loop back to Old Princes Hwy/New Princes Hwy back to Sutho. I usually do the reverse though because less motor traffic heading north. Waterfall Hill is similar to Bobbin Head from memory.
  3. Riveting stuff. Can't wait for tonight's episode.
  4. Goodcatch


    I've been in the sport since 1994 I think when I did my first "Ride N Stride" and then Nepean Triathlons. Was a runner only up to then getting into that at age 28. I've run eighteen marathons, Seven Ironmans, countless halves and shorter distances. Joined Transitions from its' inception although don't post much these days, but I lurk. I have met quite a few of its' members. I still train and race and a member of a Tri Club. Currently entered in Club Champs and Port 70.3. Did my last big race in 2019 at Big Husky and did 6:25. Tri for me is a bit like a marriage, I have past the hot urgen
  5. Goodcatch


    Remember "Tuffy's"?
  6. Yep, Port is off! Our options TBA.
  7. 2015 for me. I did have plans for Port this year but didn't work out. I have entered the half though and if all goes well will plan IM for 2021.
  8. Garden Feature 😀
  9. I am low tech. Turbo, various structured sets, watch the clock, heart rate, cadence, speed. No time to watch anything else. Big fan of Ministry of Sound Annuals. I have many. Crank 'em up.
  10. I'm 65. I was always an MOP runner. Managed 5:30 minute ks in recent Sutho to Surf. Am "planning" to do IM OZ #8 next year after 5 year break but not 100% yet. I feel I can still do the run distance but that is yet to be tested. I had a knee meniscus tear tidied up 10 years ago which encouraged me to change my style to more midfoot. I think it worked and my style improved a lot. My joints feel OK. I have always performed some weight training including deadlifts and calf strengthening but should be more disciplined. I am prone to calf niggles but when that happens I seem to be able to relate it
  11. Goodcatch

    IMOZ 2020

    We're on Pacific Drive Thurs to Tues near the Hill street corner. OS trip mucks up Nepean and WS for me but aiming to do Husky Ultra again as my lead up race. I have a few demons to bury from 2015 but hope to do the full 😲.
  12. Goodcatch

    IMOZ 2020

    Hey Flannie, My accommodation is booked at Rocky Beach so we will be neighbours.
  13. Hey Flanny, I was doing Wollongong until some ahole clipped the back of my car hit and run - it was $880 to repair. I've raced a few times over recent months and kinda decided I'd spent enough. Pity though, the gong is a good one. Cheers.
  14. I turn 65 this June. Ran my first marathon in 85 and have done a total of 18 but last one some years ago. My first IM in 2002 being a 13:15, my best being a 12:54 in 2006 - IM Oz. I've done 7. I still have goals of getting to 20 marathons but I think I may be done for IM because of commitment and cost. I am still doing pretty much the same routine I always have. Plan is run 2-3 times per week, Ride 2-3 times, swim 1 or 2 and some strength training. Usually fail a couple of times though but I believe recovery is more Important than it used to be so that doesn't worry me. Did Husky Ult
  15. That looked brutal. Loved the no road closures.
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