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  1. My one and only IM (so far) was Ironman Melbourne 2013. I had a 3.75 year old and 1.75 year old at the time of the race. I expected them to be sleeping through by the time the race came when I entered as at that time entries sold out within minutes a year out! They were far from sleeping through! In the 14 weeks pre-race I averaged 7 hours a week training (no that is not a typo). Longest run I had ever done i was 23 km, longest in the build was 21 km, a lot of weeks my long run was 14-15km. During the build there was one 108km, 3 x 80km rides. I had never ridden further than
  2. Toolish


    Nice attempt at judgement. Never voted labor in my life that I can recall mate. Honestly don't follow politics closely at all and up until COVID couldn't have told you which party Dan or Sco Mo represented. I have realised that any point of view that opposes you or @more will never be taken on board by either of you. And I have also realised that for some reason you both think a lot of posts are politically motivated rather than just observations and opinions on events. Therefore I am out of this thread, it has run it's useful course, actually that is probably the case for this fo
  3. Toolish


    There have been similar claims world wide. Not sure how at is good for anyone to over estimate deaths? Any chance you could post a link or details of where these quotes come from?
  4. Toolish


    In the Monday press conference One journalist asked why 5 was the limit in the below. You can socialise with your household members or up to five people outdoors (including you) from a maximum of two households. You must be able to keep at least 1.5 metres distance between yourself and others when doing so. The reply was 'Because that is the advice that the health department provided" or words to that affect. 2 questions later, same guy, so Dan, going back to that 5, why cant that be 10? 3 questions later, same guy, Dan, how did you come to the number
  5. Toolish


    I agree, but he would only speak for 20-30 minutes if the journos stopped asking the same inane questions trying to work their angle. I think the reporting of numbers is important but that is not done pre-presser by DHHS anyway. Once a week press conference is heaps.
  6. Indoor pools are not allowed to open, only outdoor as per the screenshot I posted of the DHHS website. You then post pictures of an outdoor pool?
  7. Third step is outdoor pools open, indoor closed.
  8. Did the rules change today?
  9. Toolish


    This sort of click bait sensationalist headline stuff is really starting to shit me. The above is from Nine.com. It is factually correct, but it makes todays figures sound way worse. Every day the headline finds a way to pick the extreme view...I guess true news is dying.
  10. Toolish


    Sorry, should have been clearer. I would love indoor pools to open. Outdoor pools in our district open start of November, so I think that will be my next chance to swim.
  11. Toolish


    So a small easing of restrictions for Melbourne today and nothing regionally. I had so many people on my social feeds posting about how they thought regional would be easing too. Just goes to show how much people hear what they want to. Hopefully the current trend continues and within 3 week or so Metro and regional Vic can be on the same restrictions. I would love to pools to be able to open though!
  12. The shooting death of an unarmed woman did not cause a man to try to beat a cop around the head with a baseball bat. It might be a good excuse to use but it is not the cause. Attempted murder of a police officer will not solve anything to do with the shooting of an unarmed women, if anything it will cause more tension between the groups to make the situation worse. This is just thuggery. In this specific incident the police officer has done no wrong (that we know of) and someone is attempting to injure or kill him, yet you seem to be implying that by being part of the police it
  13. Toolish


    Yep, 6 cases in total in our LGA. Pretty sure at least 3 of them were actually in Melbourne but got recorded here due to the reporting process and no new cases since August 5 (which was actually in Melbourne). The bulk of our specialist medical needs are in Adelaide, we are physically closer to Adelaide, but South Australia has us on a hard lock out, but is open to NSW. Does that mean SA doesn't trust that Melbourne people will stay in Melbourne?
  14. Toolish


    This will be hard for the public to deal with I would think, would make it seem like the first lock down was a waste of time! Hopefully for them the restrictions don't last that long. I do wonder what is going to happen in the next little bit for Victoria, I feel like the numbers may have improved more quickly than the government expected when the roadmap was announced. Surely Melbourne goes to the second step this weekend. Average seems to be dropping by about 2 per day and is currently at 30. By the end of next week that could conceivably be below 15. And a week after t
  15. Look closely at the very start of the clip....pretty sure old mate gave him a shove then felt bad about it.
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