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  1. My credit didn't come up. I asked them on facebook and they said I could enter and pay and then email them to get the credit refunded or email them and get a code. I entered and then emailed. I received a credit today but not for the full amount (credited transfer fee but not original entry fee). Sent them another message and they are still working on credits and said I should receive another credit....
  2. Our dog gets dry food, bones and trainig treats! She is not allowed in the kitchen and eats her dinner outside while we have our dinner. The main reason for this was when we got her from the RSPCA as a 7month old (now 11 months) she had no boundaries whatsever and we ended up with 25kg's of dog on the table! So we started putting her outside with her food in Kong's and she actually loves it!
  3. I didn't get into tri until my late 30's. Before that it was mainly surfing, but that pretty much stopped when I moved from Geelong to Melbourne which was when I took up running which eventually led to tri's. Now 20 years later I've started surfing again, before lockdown I would head down to Jan Juc on Wednesday's and catch up with a mate I grew up surfing with and usually surf Winki. Can't wait to get back down there, and to UrbnSurf in Tullamarine. Like a few others I played squash for awhile, the most fun seemed to be the drinking sessions after each week's comp. We used to take t
  4. I used the link yesterday and got a credit, so must have broken overnight
  5. JeffS

    AYUP GoPro mount

    Many years ago a mate of mine worked as a baker and would come and get me after his shift. We would paddle out in the dark, scary as. Couldn't see the waves properly and every noise sounded like a shark. 😂 No way I’d do it now.
  6. JeffS

    AYUP GoPro mount

    Hoping to get back here when we get out of lockdown Edit: that's not actually me! But i have surfed here a couple of times pre lockdown
  7. Challenge Shepparton cancelled, no surprise there!
  8. I'm going to defer my SC entry, but waiting to see if they cancel/postpone and if they offer transfers to other events. If they offer transfers I might transfer to Geelong 2021 and hope it goes ahead. Otherwise I'll just defer SC to 2021, deadline for deferral at moment is July 30
  9. After losing our 6 year old staffyxridgeback at start of April I didn't hink I'd be ready for another dog till next year at eraliest. This is Poppy, a staffyxsharpei that was at the RSPCA. We went and saw her and promptly adopted her. 7 months old, was found wandering the streets and taken to RSPCA by the police.
  10. Are you going to keep going? I might join you if you want company
  11. We lost our 6 year old staffy-ridgeback to cancer at the start of April. She was listless one weekend, which was unusual for her. Took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with cancer and we were told she may have a couple of weeks. She went downhill very fast and stopped eating the next day, it was very hard but couldn't stand to see her suffer
  12. I have the Emonda as well and don't find it heavy, I believe it is lighter than the Madone and Domane.
  13. JeffS

    Geelong 70.3

    Any urchins this year?
  14. It's also on Kayo if you have it.
  15. I had very similar thoughts for a long time (ie: thoughts about suicide but not acting) and I just thought it was "normal" Then one day after a really stressy day I found myself veering the car towards the edge of a bridge... Only after this did I go to the GP and was put on a mental health plan and referred to a psychologist. So I think the below advice is gold. I didn't gel with my first psychologist, but they were good enough to acknowledge that and referred me to someone else. I can't say the thoughts have gone away, however they are less often and I
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