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  1. My lived experience makes me think this is either svt or afrib. either way I’d be seeing the best cardiologist he could afford. I posted about svt a few yrs ago. Racing od or long & hard sessions; went from anaerobic threshold to 170 ( coincidently max theoretical hr) . Backing off brought it down. Doesn’t happen ant any other time. ‘even training and racing a him in 2019 didn’t bring about any event. normal stress tests indicate I do not have a mechanical or electrical issue. But that’s good place to start and to have tested regularly imho. On my first consult wit
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated and for sharing such personal detail. all of this makes for such gut wrenching and mentally troubling reading. To live this must be incredibly aweful. like so many others I send my best wishes. I hope that Andrew’s good health helps with his recovery as best it can. for Diane and his children I hope and pray that you are surrounded by kind , enlightened and helpful people. Who are in for the long haul. I hope that there is someone there for you all to give a hug , to sit. Listen , hold a hand. Such small but powerful gestures.
  3. As one who is currently working recovering from an accident this news is gut wrenching. I hope and pray for a full recovery. My thoughts with his immediate family and how any kids must be feeling.
  4. All these houses sit on / near an old airfield that I was once based. back then the Werribee boys where out to bash us lol wasn’t such a nice area back then
  5. To remain a decent lifestyle ; I reckon double that Australian number (household) for any perceivable nice area of a capital city or some luxe regions; areas. eg median house price for cronulla is $2.2m. A household income of $180k (top tax bracket) just is not viable for that area. $250k doable.
  6. Qantas frequent flyer points expiry So a lot of us have QFF points that we earn from jetting about . Some like me only acquire slowly and only on flights. my last os mission was this time last year ; just got back into Aus from the Philippines before it all blew up COVID style. so I have earned nuthin in 12 mths Qantas states that if there is no activity on your points ; earn or burn ; they will expire after 18 mths. as most know and probably already do ; points can be earnt by using cards, using them for fuel or shopping . I don’t . so that for me
  7. mate - maybe my issues are cardiac as well. jabba put me onto a top cardiologist when I started having some svt like issues racing in 2018 contrary to some beliefs ; hacks like me had to flog themselves to get on that 2018 Aus WC team ...... long story short I also picked up PHT hamstring injury which stopped me investigating the suspected svt issues in 2019 after a year plus of rehabilitation I was ready ( like April) to be able to do the hard sessions to get the data needed to fully investigate the svt. Then this happens ..... anyways I am booked to se
  8. Top stuff roxii. least we all had a crack and where involved in the sport ; we are better off than those who have never had the chance to partake. some of those names - wow snd to think that some of them still go alright
  9. Unfortunately mate that has to be on the cards.......
  10. Hey flanny I am prepared to go just about anywhere .... My gp has lined me up with one at Miranda; but the online presence of that place and some of the practitioner bios doesn’t exactly bowl me over. In the past Roxii has recommended surgeons on the nth shore and tones professors at Camperdown. They have been absolutely stellar medicos and recommendations.
  11. Riding solo & no witnesses. The Garmin give some clues ; but it’s no scientific instrument. Went like this ; Hr stable; cadence drops to zero, speed decreases, track changes out of bike lane onto the road. Then zero speed & hr respiratory rate slows....
  12. Leave it to me to cause some drama eh ! allegedly I was found in the middle of the road . some first rate humans out your way mate ; eternally thankful for the help they offered.
  13. That’s the scary and yet fortunate thing ; what if I blacked out whilst driving. I shudder to think what damage I could have inflicted on others. Or if I had been running down a flight of stairs to catch a train; no helmet .... I had absolutely first rate care ; from first responders, ambos, ER doctors and nurses for my short stay. In ER had brain & torso scans. Apparently no brain damage; later that day passed all the cognitive tests to get from ER to a ward ; then the subsequent cognitive tests to get out of hospital. Torso scans confirm my other injuries an
  14. Hi All Anyone got a recommendation for a top neurologist in Sydney ? I had a bike accident last week that looks like it was caused by a loss of consciousness. I have zero recollection of the event, repatriation, and most of my time in ER. All I can say is thank god I was wearing a helmet; the inside of it is smashed to bits. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be around with it. So I need to get to the bottom of what happened and I have referrals ready to go for a neurologist & cardiologist. This community has been awesome every time I’ve
  15. Hi All long time no post - but like similar assertions about the current state of the forum ; there is a huge body of knowledge and opinion available here. so it’s the learned and opioniinated tranny crew that I turn for input when I need it.... with that out of the way ; have any of you (or any one close to you) been diagnosed with SVT ? did you learn to live with it ; did you have the op (ablation) ? perhaps even return to racing ? in short I first noticed by heart rate spike by 20 beats at a race in st kilda in April. a stress test with car
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