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  1. Hi All long time no post - but like similar assertions about the current state of the forum ; there is a huge body of knowledge and opinion available here. so it’s the learned and opioniinated tranny crew that I turn for input when I need it.... with that out of the way ; have any of you (or any one close to you) been diagnosed with SVT ? did you learn to live with it ; did you have the op (ablation) ? perhaps even return to racing ? in short I first noticed by heart rate spike by 20 beats at a race in st kilda in April. a stress test with car
  2. So what time is that cranky - 615am ?
  3. Same , though not to the 80s.
  4. Obviously the chosen experts in each bracket 😏
  5. trifun OD M50 Plugga OD M55 BogFrog OD F40 Youngy2 OD and SD F50 Catlady OD & SD F55-59 -H- OD & SD F45 AA7 OD & SD F40-44 Cranky OD F40-44 Trunkz SD & OD M65-69 runbrettrun OD M35-39 Crowies crushed nuts OD & SD M30-34 Rob SD M50 Workinglikeadog OD M45 - 49
  6. Tells me they are in & against all odds. They being plantar fasciitis, shingles , over estimation of ability and poor race selection ( based on low intellect). Also turns out 1 or 2 ahead of them where not in contention...hardly deserves a slot uh.
  7. No reference to any email on the website. rather something along the lines that the PREMILINARY team will be available on the website by 5pm. FINAL team announced 4 May...
  8. Similar challenge- racing at an age at the top of your age group & not aging up.....
  9. Possibly - I know him / her and they are a dumb arse but will get what they deserve (either way) I am sure. .....
  10. Cheers all ; guess all wil be revealed on Thursday..... Racer P should have his / her fingers crossed
  11. Agree but are we assuming that prior participation is a positive? and is it the third criteria is used sequentially if the first @ second can’t split them ? thats my point of confusion do all 4 points get factored in simultaneously or sequentialy ....
  12. So good folk of transitions ; riddle me this........ Racer P and racer B are tied in 25th position on 47 points. Racer B : 15,14,17,8 Racer P: 19,8,2,16,11 The rule book states that in this situation the following criteria apply in priority order: The athlete that has competed in the most number of events The highest placing in any individual event The athlete who was most recently an age group WC competitor The athlete who in the opinion of the selection committee has the greater chance of placing higher in the 210 WC
  13. Standard distance points updates - do they normally keep to these timings or are they just a target ?
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