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  1. School closed in the shire due to an infected staff member. Students and families advised to self isolate from tonight
  2. Loving the ignorance of the rich white dudes just realising Rage Against The Machine hold political opinions and staging their non-cancel culture boycott of their music in their 50's. Was it their lyrics that gave it away?
  3. they're usually promoted away from all the women anyway........
  4. SMH has a good article, including opinions from people like Briggs and defining "virtue signalling" for the oppressed white males among us
  5. which I'm staggered are only $3K a year. Maybe makes it on the backend with "Crossfit University" certifications for trainers.
  6. Blackcomb on a shitty home run and some idiot woman skied across her tips crossing them over. 2 days after I fractured and dislocated my shoulder
  7. His ongoing income is gone. Local CrossFit joint already changed its name.
  8. No plan B? Where’d you read that? What even is plan B? We can’t let people in from overseas while their curve is still peaking or rising. You realise that right? The libs should be happy, they’ve stopped the boats and will get to choose who comes here and the manner in which they arrive. if anyone is brave or stupid enough (apart from compassionate travel) to leave Australia then expect a hotel or camp stay for 2 weeks on the way back in. Pretty simple when the rest of the world is still going to shit I’m pretty sure all the sciencey types have thought further ahead than zero ac
  9. Yep it’s great when people dissociate from people and organizations who display their distasteful values publicly. Then get abused for voicing their concern (free speech?). Guys a nutter. Reebok have dropped him. His top athletes have disowned the company and 100’s of gyms have cancelled their affiliation.
  10. Funny to watch the CEO of Crossfit destroy his worldwide franchise in 2 tweets.
  11. Beanies and headphones to blame apparently. Nerves, energy drinks or sitting in the sunny side of a bus could have been to blame. My daughter was turned away from her knee surgery last week. Tested fine on entry to hospital, and on admission to her room. Saw surgeon and anaeshetist then taken to ante room where she lay for 10 mins waiting to get pre-med, got nervous and upset and then her temp measured 37.8. Third attempt it got to 37.6. 37.5 is the cutoff so she was sent home. Temp was perfect when she got home. This was after being scheduled originally for the day after the Covid electi
  12. Jobs increase, still record unemployment and then Trump says in his daily rambling gibberish George Floyd will be looking down thinking what a great thing this is for.his country.
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