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  1. PJC

    Polar HR Monitor

    Press the top right button once Hold the top left button "Delete files?" Press Red button "Are you sure?" Press Red button again
  2. PJC

    Piss Off Smitty

    wife of former Cronulla President Murray Richardson
  3. PJC

    Grant Hackett

    talll poppy syndrome alive and well
  4. Saw him twice on the weekend riding in the rain.
  5. PJC put the average into "average punter" mate. I hear ya ! I say if a sponsor wants to give stuff away to give his product more brand awareness, then I will gladly accept it. My point was that free stuff doesnt make your race dearer - it's free !
  6. Yep - my point exactly OITC. They are sponsor products usually that are given FOC to pad out the schwag bag which hopefully encourages more entries.
  7. Have you heard of the term sponsorship ?
  8. Nige - Australian triathlon forum supporting Australian triathlete. You wanted different? Lets all wear neutral colours to the Bledisloe next and we can dissect the game. It's tribal man - you better believe it. I'm cheerin' for my man!
  9. PJC

    Macca Drafted ?

    Theres a number of races I would out in a world tour. Alactraz, Roth, St Croix, IM Canada, Wildflower, Lanzarote to name a few. Not just IM.
  10. PJC

    Macca Drafted ?

    Agreed - Oz wouldnt be seen as a "major" - half points? Roth = major
  11. PJC

    Macca Drafted ?

    So on that basis.....Is the best tennis player in the world the one who wins Wimbledon or the one who has the most points accumulated by being the best and most consistent all year. That's why they have rankings. Sure........Worlds carries double points but it doesn't make you best in the world.
  12. PJC

    Macca Drafted ?

    is that a joke? I think Macca has proved himself.
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