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  1. 2019 70kg 5.17:42 182W Ave 201W NP
  2. 25x badge and finished off the 50000m climbing challenge for the Zwift Concept Bike
  3. Today was quickest (under 60mins)... but that was specifically planned. Floated around 64 to 68min
  4. Just completed my own challenge - "April du Zwift" .... 30 days has April, 30x up AdZ
  5. https://www.leopinczewski.com.au/ Lucky the conversation wasn't closed ..... I can't vouch for Dr Dave but Leo is the bomb
  6. Calling @hey_burgs....He's hip, cool and a coffee freak. ☕
  7. As Clintred said, my first for the big dance but done the Honu 70.3 three times before (did I say I love that place!!!!) Will get around to popping up a recount of the day soon ...... Self-coached rookie .....
  8. 🙋🏼‍♂️ confirmed @clintred for the AG win and going back to scratch the itch
  9. Good luck ..... I had a bugger of a time too. (I just learnt to be more flexible ) Try this https://profile-design.com/collections/aerobar-spare-parts?page=2
  10. Funny you mention this as we did have this discussion from the onset of counting to save confusion.... General consensus was:- 2 chipolatas = 1 "sausage" Vego/Vegan sausage = NO sausage Pre made rissoles from supermarket using sausage mince = NO sausage Thick or Thin = 1 sausage irrespective of girth Salami / Frankurt / battered sav's / sausage roll = NO sausage
  11. OK ... its official !!!!!! Our family is above average 12mths ago I mentioned this "fact" to Miss 12..... who promptly said "lets do a count". Diligently putting a chalk mark on the pantry shopping list chalk board for the past 12mths she had our family of 3 coming in at a very slightly above average of 166
  12. Bro in law got his 24th finish on the weekend .... Bib #007 now for ever ....... that's just cool
  13. @RunBrettRun ...like @Peter said, he's interested in speaking with someone NORMAL. @clintred is far from normal
  14. The older I get the more sleep I need ..... The older I get the more work/responsibility I get given..... The older I get the more motivated/goal orientated I have become .... consequently......... The older I get the less sleep I seem to be getting .....
  15. Probably would still have seemed whisper quite compared to my Lemond Rev ...... I just wish I didn't love it so much so I could replace it with something that wont give me industrial deafness
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