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  1. maybe.... but regular bowel movements are better than bypass surgery
  2. rosie

    Heart Rate worry

    Also be aware that the standard deviation for the "average" heart rate for your age is +/- 12 beats per minute!, so perhaps you are 2 or 3 stardard deviations from the mean, varying your calculations by 2 to 3 x 12 bpm for each zone calculation...
  3. yeah, thank god my dog's always sitting on my lap on the couch at night
  4. I think it's dissapointing that 'the powers that be' that like to 'educate' us on global warming etc always fail to mention the enormous impact that the 10 billion + animals raised for human consuption every year make on the environment. The contribution of the billions of tonnes of waste they excrete and emit, the fuel used in transporting them buy the truckload to the slaughterhouse, and the millions of acres of land cleared and soil destroyed by factory farming. They see this as an acceptable thing because, hell, what would we do if we couldn't all eat meat!? A day's food for a me
  5. I don't know about getting trans-fats from milk, but there's lots of other 'stuff' in there.... http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html
  6. http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/protein.htm Only 9 amino acids cannot be made by the body, hence the term 'essential' amino acids, there is plenty of successful vegan athletes out there too.
  7. There is always tonnes of glass on the roads around there unfortunately, mostly in from of Queens Warf, fantastic effort to persist with 2 flats! My day= ok swim, pretty good ride, SHAMEFUL run, but it was only my 3rd race this year, and I've done nothing but easy stuff since IM, so I was just happy to be having a go and supporting a local event. Will definitely be back next year. Best part of the day was watching Nathan Stewart annihilate the ride!!
  8. After getting sick of Asics changing their models from one season to the next I gave Kevin Tiller a call re: Locos back in August, he was a fantastic help and had lots of time for me, sending me 2 pairs to try out to see which ones I liked best. I have now been running in the Mojo's 4x a week and have had no problems at all after having 2 stress fractures in the last 2 years. They aren't the prettiest shoes out, but they work!!
  9. I'll be there......very tough bike, it was hard enough at the Duathlon World's last year and we didn't even start at the very bottom of King Ed. Park ....but it'll be fun!
  10. rosie

    OT: Any Vegans?

    yeh, just the scrappings off the slaughterhouse floor with some gluten mixed in to hold it all together thank god wine is vegan
  11. rosie

    OT: Any Vegans?

    fortunately I am the cook in the house, and love cooking, so It's no issue for me, I think it really broadens your ideas and skills in cooking. this video was really the crunch for me: http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/video.asp video=mym2002&Player=wm&speed=_med edit: not sure how to get the link to work but the whole text should be the address, not the underlined bit.
  12. rosie

    OT: Any Vegans?

    Just wondering if any of you on Transitions are Vegan? There has been some good discussion lately on CoolRunning on this.... http://www.coolrunning.com.au/forums/index...showtopic=13163
  13. ....and lets not forget that at Forster in 2004 the women had the fastest average run time. 'nuff said.
  14. rosie

    Good to See

    hmmmm....I had 2 glasses of red the night before IM this year.......was that bad??
  15. rosie

    I Pod,,, do you??

    I have a 2GB SONY mp3 player, it's tiny (size of a ciggy lighter), easy to work, has built in radio, long life battery which charges thru your USB port and is a pretty purple too It cost me $189, I've have it for 5 months so far, use it almost everyday and have not had any problems.
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