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  1. as a 19 year old one year on my P's, I have been riding for approximately 10 years on road. I would consider myself exponentially more aware of everything on the road. I feel like I have been driving for a very long time, so not so nervous and jumpy as newer drivers can be. As well as knowing all the back streets
  2. ok thanks, What is your opinion on going for the tri top and shorts as opposed to the suit? I need a new look anyways, my trisuit is so 3 years ago
  3. how do we work out said race/running weight. I didn't know it was anything cocnrete, I always thougth it was an aim that was set. Any equations I can plug numbers into? Very interesting article, when doing aths training a while ago my coach always told me to get on the shoulder for wind breaking/drafting purposes and also pacing as mentioned above, but very interesting facts and stuff to back that up. Thanks
  4. I didn't know this. may i ask why that happens?
  5. aren't we lucky we have no MAJOR issues. if we needed these batch of pollies to actually try to make a decision we would be stuffed. For now let which ever idiot that wins have their time in the sun we will bitch and moan until someone who knows what they are doing comes along. Labour gets my vote as a left leaning (socio-economically) party. (or at least on paper)
  6. something that fits, and something that makes you look fast. For example, I have had a red 2XU tri suit for a few years now, (used to be coupled with a red bike...)
  7. get on homeland. and yeah chuck is great fun. but can't go past scrubs. all time favourite.
  8. triaddict

    Bike Storage

    i built my own, granted I attached it to a pre-existing wall but if you have time for a DIY project Build a frame and chuck some hooks on it always more fun as well.
  9. I used to be repping a fezza elmo, but now I'm not sure whether to go back to it or to have a funny pic i found.... I think I'll go with elmo for now
  10. Having never done anything long wise, question for those who have, What is a better feeling smashing out a PB in perfect conditions Or struggling to get through and finishing after a long day on the road?
  11. Yeah certainly wetsuit, gonna be a warm first race though 33C...
  12. My first sprint tri at WSTC. After racing by myself with not many friends and the like in Gatorade races and the then Orbea series. I went to WSTC for some cheap races. From the very first race I was welcomed cheered and made to feel great about doing the sport. I have had people checking up on me and seeing how my training is going as well as a high- 5 five and a hug every time I go there. I havnt done any long distances so none of the HIM or IM finish lines, I'm not overly fast so no finishes, but for me a great club and an awesome bunch of people is something that I will remember about W
  13. Don't quite understand this, doesnt exercise reduce the levels of secreted cortisol in the body. Isn't that the whole idea that it is good to exercise while you are stressed? It doesn't produce cortisol... or am I way off
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