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  1. Complete bike with 10 speed dura ace group set and Mavic Cosmic Carbone clincher wheels (cluster may be ultegra). Selling due to persistent injuries that mean no more tri's or riding on aero bars for me. This bike is stiff but comfortable and handles really well, including at speed and on steep descents. Frame and wheels are well used but in good condition. Ridden in half and full ironman events and still sporting foil stickers from Kona. Fitted with ski tip bars but will include straight (slight S) bars which have only been used once. Stem and spacers can be adjusted to g
  2. I work in this area. If you don't change the look of the website, you better hope that others have a good sense of humour. There is potential for all involved to be liable and even if not liable many hundreds of thousands of dollars could be spent on fighting a case and a big chunk of those costs will not be recoverable. To give you some perspective, I am involved in a case concering a single missing comma in a document and something north of $3 million has been spent by the parties on that fight. Unless you have a lot of money you would like to donate to the legal fraternity or don't h
  3. I Have dropped the price to $1,200. If I can't get this sort of price, I will have to start using them as training wheels and upset those that don't like to see slow old farts on slick wheels.
  4. Photos now available. PM me if you would like me to email you copies.
  5. You could call it "racing" Just did Canberra 70.3 (decided to spare the Zipps and used clinchers in shocking weather). Have Alpine Classic and hopefully Torquay on the radar. Have an achilles problem I can't sort out. I will get some photos of the wheels up shortly
  6. NOW SOLD I am selling my Zipp 606 tubulars. Will try to organise some photos but they are in good condition. Ridden in 3 ironman, long course worlds, 3 halfs and a few shorter races. Got me round the Kona course despite problems with the engine! Will include tyres plus two unused spares (Vittoria's) plus wheel bags Shimano hub. Price drop to $1,200. Located in Adelaide. PM me if interested or need more info.
  7. I saw so many flats on Sunday I was wondering if someone had put tacks on the road as per the first IM at Port Mac. Easily the most people on the side of the road doing repairs and also spotted a few walking back with their bikes. Felt particularly bad for those stopped on the first lap when it was pissing down My $0.02 worth: Always check tyres after/before ride by deflating and squeezing whereever you see a cut to ensure there is no embedded glass or other debris. Can't say I always do this but puncture frequency drops a lot when I do. Consider new tyres for any important r
  8. Forgot to mention snorkelling with the Manta Rays. This is done just after dark a few metres off-shore near a hotel (I think it was the Sheraton?) on Alii Drive. Suitable for kids who are old enough to use a snorkel and mask. I did it with my daughter and she still raves about. Awesome to see massive rays doing loop the loops right under you with mouths agape. A bright light from the hotal attracts plankton etc and the rays come in to feed on it.
  9. My $0.02 worth. Take it easy. Don't try to do too much. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and spend too much time out and about and on your feet when you should be taking it easy. Recommend the Hula Bean (on the non-coast side of the road not far from the swim entry) rather than Lava Java for quality of coffee. Lava Java is THE SCENE so it is the place to go for celebrity spotting and freebies (they were giving away fuel belts and other stuff out front the year I was there). Acclimatisation - Everyone is different but I think it is best not to use air-con and get used to l
  10. One minor correction: Those that have automatically qualified have an amount of time the morning after the race to go and secure their spot and pay for it. If the 3 who qualified took their spots, then there would be no spots offered for that age group in the roll down. If only two took their spots, 1 would be on offer for that age group at the roll-down and so on. Also worth knowing that sometimes a slot rolls right through an age group without being taken. It then gets re-allocated and offered to the largest age group. Have seen this happen and it pays to stick around if you
  11. Beloved sister-in-law failed to enter me in IMOZ while I was stuck in the middle of nowhere . Every cloud has a silver lining and Mrs Magnet gave the green light for IM Brazil. After some delays and nervous moments jumped on the registration as soon as it opened yesterday and I am signed up. Anyone here done the trip to Florianopolis using Ken Glah (who apparently takes a horde of 200 plus competitors)? Any advantages? Any recommendations on where to stay? Looking to be within easy walking distance of all the action if possible.
  12. May have been me. I was in a world of hurt with cramps in both legs. As Pam knows, I have done a few races with the Green Machine on board. I had a good look at all the rocks along there after the race and there must be some big stories behind some of the other rocks too.
  13. Bloody colds IM gjsven - 85 - sub 10:00 Giiiiiiii - 109 - sub 12:00 Arpit - 111 - sub 11:30 ratdog - 158 - sub 10:00 Redskins - 169 - ecksmarksdespot- 188 - 10:30 coghead - 192 - sub 12:00 TristanP - 196 - sub 10:00 The Spec - 239 - Rob B - 258 - Sub 11:15 Gordon Freeman - 267 - Slow But Not The Slowest - 279 - TimG - 296 - sub 11:30 Tricheffie - 315 - 14:00 IronJimbo - 336 - sub 12:00 Luiz Suarez - 339 - 10:47 nin - 355 - sub 11:00, aiming for 10:15-30 Trimanic - 370 - sub 12:00 Ninjaman - 383 - sub 10:00 bilge - 388 - sub 11 nuked - 395 - sub 12:00 balri - 428 -
  14. Hi Pam, Thanks for the rev up. I have been fighting the onset of a cold for a week and the cold seems to be winning . Look forward to seeing you there
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