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  1. Never have the faintest problems they describe and we eat a lot of leftovers...in fact that's the best time. In particular when my wife makes biryani we freeze lots of portions and have it for ages, even after defrosting (well kept in fridge after that)...so long as we haven't put the eggs and/or yoghurt in yet. Well the good old Bacillus cereus...as I used to say in microbiology class, if you can't E. Coli, at least you can 'be serious'...waiting long to make that dad joke.
  2. Yeah 4 world titles and dominating off road tris...what the hell is that?..in fact shouldn't the list just be Kona winners to please this forum?
  3. Maybe because they reply to penis enlargement ones. Not so sure. I get absolutely nothing on my personal email account (iinet) whether its on my 7 yr old Dell or whether I look at webmail on iinet or via Outlook on another PC or Mac. I do get only a couple a week on my work email account (on same iinet account), but they can all be linked to that email being visible as a contact email on a supplier website (its related stuff). What I do follow with my emails is request friends to bcc when they send their old jokes to everybody in address book, and I also don't click on any spuri
  4. hang on...what's this 'volunteer business' ? I thought it was a 'for profit' business.
  5. So the expression "Its like riding a bike" is not true?
  6. No, what's funny is that after 5 pages you haven't read that people are bagging them for 'misinformation' (possibly unfair trading) in order to gouge additional revenue. Not one person has denied them the right to make a profit.
  7. Couple of things to add if I dare...comments welcome. Turn your rear quick release lever to point forward or at least down. Rear pointing levers can snag a front wheel should the bunch 'concertina'. Offset your front wheel slightly from the rear wheel of rider in front, gives you room to move. When I ride with a single partner or small group I 'make them know' that my default position is on the right, and I like them to be there too. For me that gives better visibility and more 'escape' from behind, and the bloke in front is more comfortable 'knowing where you are'-- and I am comfo
  8. Tony..I have seen many big blokes ride like that. I rode with the Parramatta group on Saturday (first time in long while) and in the first half everybody in this huge group is together , but concertina's so much you would think they are playing the accordion--quite dangerous...then when they get to Gt W Hwy they all hammer it and group splits up. Complete waste of time for a latte.
  9. I wasn't comparing Kona to Comrades but since you asked.... they are 'chalk and cheese'. Comrades is a single event without an international franchise chain. It is historically signifigant and going since after WW1. It does not perpetuate an international franchise of Comrades clone events by offering 'spots' and limited entry. People are not entering $700 events a year ahead of time all around the world to make it feel like they are close to Comrades which costs $40 and easy to enter itself. It is over a set route between two specific Cities without regard to a standard distance
  10. How can there be something special about something that is a franchise? One on every corner all tastes the same. Saying that you do a 'generic' IM just so that it makes you feel close to hawaii (the majority who have no realistic chance) is like spending up big at Maccas because you can't get invited to an exclusive takeaway with the same 'food'. Tastes like chicken so it must be chicken?? There is nothing 'holy grail' about it except the marketing. However, as long as people are prepared pay they will charge you that...but it is lack of transparency to claim you only have 1,000 s
  11. Yes, the median times are now 4hrs. When I ran my first mara after one week training I had to do it under 4hrs to qualify for an ultra. When John M ( SMC Pres) ran his first he was a DNF with 3:34 If say you want to 'just run' a marathon these days off no training you will be given all sorts of soft advice and told to delay it by 5 yrs by which time all that bravado has been wiped clear by advice about gu's, compression socks, HR training, run/walk training, barefoot/forefoot running, "you need a coach", pacers for each 15min target (etc etc)....I will stop with that because 'pace
  12. Were people actually saying they shouldn't make a profit or did they say overbooking an event then keeping $400 per withdrawal you have allowed for is taking advantage of entrants for no work or service to the entrant. Are you referring to ActiveNet 'ticket system'. I thought entrants said they were emailing the event and got no reply which seems at best an email server problem, but I don't know how many companies have such issues for longer than a few hours these days, if at all I believe someone said that it was 400 overbooked as per an official quoted, and someone else sai
  13. The success of the race is not in how quick it sells out and how much you can charge. The goal is to have a 'full to race limit' field front up and having a high finish rate ...i.e. minimise DNS and DNF's. When you sell out and have a waitlist, then having high DNS & DNF means that you could have denied others on waitlist who are keen and able to both start and finish. The entry should not be taken lightly. Starting with 'validation' or strict qualification and then having a fair withdrawal policy that encourages the uncertain, unfit and injured to give up their spots early goes a lon
  14. I can't see why it is so hard for these guys to give customer service, probably because they know that people will suck up to them anyway and forgive all their transgressions. As a comparison this is what I do at 6FT without an admin team helping me. Entries open 3 months and two weeks before race. We also use Activenet We have a race limit of 850 imposed on us with excess demand and therefore it is the 'right thing' to get a full field starting, so we encourage early withdrawals ...1st month full refund, second month $20 penalty, 3rd month $40 penalty. Last two weeks we can't gi
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