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  1. Well done mate. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, biggest turn out so far for Elite Energy. Think we may have had similar numbers at the old Club Champs. Enjoy the off season!!! Cheers
  2. How'd you go Flannie??? Was a great day for it!!!
  3. Good luck to all those mad enough!!!!! Respect!
  4. Just back from the beach, common sense has prevailed. No swim unfortunately.
  5. No, not soft, Flannie, sensible. I've been down this morning and from a water safety point of view, I'd say very dubious at this stage. Haven't heard from Emo but am hoping to catch up with him this afternoon. Decision will be on here as soon as I know something. If the swim goes ahead come and say G'day in the morning. I'll be the one trying to organise the expected chaos on the sand!!!!! Should catch up for a beer sometime again soon. Cheers and good luck to all those having a run around in the morning.
  6. Thanks Prince and Miss Jess, yes, I think now that it was Hawaii Airlines that I had heard about. Was planning a trip to Roth this year but I will assume that isn't going to happen so was looking domestically and possible to NZ early next year. Cheers
  7. Thanks Prince, appreciate the feedback. Airlines seem to have no problem with the soft bag? I thought I had heard that some were a wee bit reluctant to take the soft shell bike bags as luggage? Possibly an old wives tale/urban myth though.
  8. After many years of borrowing bike boxes/bags when travelling, I'm looking at finally purchasing a travel companion for my TT bike. I've come across the Tri Aero TSA bag which looks like a good purchase where the seat post and handlebars do not need to be removed, only the wheels are removed. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions as to which bike bag/box would be a better option or the Aero TSA is a good buy. Cheers in advance.
  9. Happy Birthday NSF. Hope the family spoils you!!!!!!
  10. You'll be fine Big Fella!!!!! Look after Kev for me will you please.
  11. Hey Steve, I'll need to now borrow a hard bike box, hoping you or the Boss has one I may borrow??? Thanks
  12. Hi all, Have had a computrainer for many years with plenty of successful miles. Having a few computer problems at present and was surprised to search and find out Phil and computrainer don't appear to be contactable?? Any body have any news, I need to re-register my software but can't seem to find any info. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Chambo


    Hey, Not so fast, by the look of your avatar, I think a few weeks in the heat may not go astray..............................BTW, great race, great town, great people!!
  14. Wow, so sad. Had the pleasure of working alongside Nick on many occasions when the NSW Club Champs was held around the Port Stephens area. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  15. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably head straight up the M4 as I will be starting on that side of Blacktown just near the Great Western Highway, but thanks for the alternative toolex. I wanted to make sure it was legal to ride on the M4 mostly. Rough time for the ride anyone??
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