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  1. The Guardian is an online paper only isn't it?
  2. Windstopper underwear? To prevent coldness in the nether regions? You must be somewhere where it is very cold...
  3. Thanks for the idea. Pooters have just been purchased for my young ones.
  4. Its a win for Adidas too. "Kandie was wearing the new Adidas Adizero Adios Pros, which contain 39mm foam as well as five tuned carbon-infused ‘energy’ rods that mimic the metatarsal bones of the foot." https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/dec/06/kibiwott-kandie-breaks-58-minutes-for-half-marathon-wearing-new-shoe-technology The shoes on steroids progression continues....
  5. Russell is clearly in a better car 😆
  6. A big loss for The Swingers fans too. (PS don't type "swingers" into google from your work account.)
  7. Ben Coubrough had to DNF in his attempt at fastest known time for the Great North Walk from Newcastle to Sydney. He had to quit with an ankle injury after 247km with about 30km left. How would you feel getting so close? Makes for a pretty impressive Strava map. Strava Bens cause
  8. Who said triathlons were harder in the ol' days? Great work by Elite Energy team to run this event in covid times AND shite weather. Did I see a guy cycling in a a wetsuit (1:13)?? And well done Mr Numb on your return to the big stage. (Armidale events don't count :))
  9. Yellow is the new black. 2 thumbs up for the new transitions logo.
  10. Okay, homework done.... I just talked to a work colleague about a family member: 10-Sep: tested positive 16-Sep: breathing difficulties, taken to hospital, on low oxygen 26-Sep: on high oxygen 03-Oct: ICU, on ventilator 08-Oct: Still on ventilator
  11. Steroids really do give you a boost. As we have seen in many sporting arenas. Many doctors have been saying that Covid effects kicks in after 7-10 days. We will see. Doctor Trump seems to have regained his healthy orange glow.
  12. Looks like a real-life Weekend at Bernies moment.
  13. Rory on Australian Story tonight. Rory Odonoghue - Australian Story
  14. flathead


    Sunrise at 5:30am in the morning is getting me out of bed too early. Should be getting an hour extra sleep when daylight savings kicks in this weekend. (NSW, Vic, SA at least)
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