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  1. DtM


    Thank you for your wishes. I got a truly great real watch. No stopwatch, no alarms, not digital, none of that running swimming biking stuff on it either!!!!! It probably matches where my life is going. 50 is to be the year of massive change and I feel really good about that. Work less and smarter, spend time sailing, enjoy all that life has to offer at a relaxed pace. To all of you, be safe and happy. daniel
  2. please feel free to resist that
  3. DtM

    OT- Jury Duty

    Luckily we scum sucking bottom dwellers are not allowed on juries. At least there is one perk !!!
  4. Pedals Plus in Bondi Junstion. Ask for Ben.
  5. Who could ride in that position ?
  6. He can't do the Olympics but he will sure as hell be defending his world title. His ban is only three months.
  7. All this "if you aren't dedicated enough to train 25 hours a week" " if you can't run the whole marathon" ....... then you are not worthy to do an Ironman (which of course is the high point in humanitarian achievement) ..... is Elitist Crap nothing more or less. Ironman is a personal achievement 8 hours or 17 hours or 24 hours. Do not expect others to be impressed enjoy it for you. Most of the world has no concept of what Ironman is and the fact you have to explain what it is in order for them to then be impressed really sums up the situation.
  8. DtM

    Go you good thing...

    Oh no ......and now big Dan Empfield (aka Slowman not our slowman) will declare war on Transitions again !!!! And Gunther wasn't even involved George Bush will be on the phone to little Johnie and ASIO and the FBI and the CIA will hunt down the yox2 and take him to Cuba
  9. That's when you change hands ...
  10. Paulie, stay retired it suits you.
  11. Sorry, I never think about qualifying for Port Mac !!!!
  12. The internationals can win the spots too. We do not have an Australians only policy !!!
  13. this will take you longer than 3 hours Roxii !!
  14. DtM

    Nepean Triathlon

    I reckon BG would contribute to that one !!
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